Over 40 and Fashionable

Hi Jackie,

I am writing in for my Mother who is 44. She is finding it hard to dress her age in fashionable clothes without looking and feeling too old, whilst also not dressing too young. She's still slim, a around a size 10, and tall. My sister and I often have to approve an outfit before she can wear it out, with an outfit recently being sent back!!! Are there any particular styles and trends you can suggest that she stick to or run from? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Renee.


Do me a favour and make sure you show this to your mum because this reply is for her. Renee's Mum: You are not old! Being 44, tall and size 10ish makes you really lucky. I am guessing your daughters are teenagers or slightly older (and often can be hyper-critical). Although you don't want to dress like them that doesn't mean you have to dress like an old lady. You can be something a teenager can never be – stylish. The trick here is to stay current: read fashion magazines and interpret key pieces into your look – your leggings may be worn under a slightly longer dress for example. You can shop in many of the stores your daughters frequent, you just need to look for slightly different styling. As a yardstick – you should be shopping in stores like Max. Their look is not too young and trendy but is certainly current and stylish. Avoid older ladies shops like the plague: simple trick to see if you got it right? Check the age of the other shoppers.


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