Over 40 and fabulous

fabJust like clothing, when you get to a certain age, you simply cannot wear the same makeup as you did when you were in your 20s – the texture, elasticity and tone of the skin on your face changes and you need to change your makeup accordingly.

Fear not – this does not mean you should stop being glam, get out your afghan rug and hang up the lipgloss – it is simply about taking an approach that is more suited to the stage your skin is in.

Rule no.1: Watch the powder

The use of powder needs to be kept to a minimum for two reasons. The first being that as your skin ages you are probably using more moisturisers and the like to keep it from drying out. If the skin is too greasy it will cause the powder to cake- which makes your skin look older than it is, and fake.

Secondly, if lines have started to appear on your face, the powder will sit in the cracks and make them more obvious. If you can, avoiding powder almost altogether is the way to go, with the exception of a fine dusting to set your makeup.

Rule no.2: Don’t use frosted ANYTHING

Anything frosted is a no-no on slightly older skin – it accentuates lines and wrinkles – plain and simple. Natural matte colours are perfect for aging skin.

Don't forget to add a splash of colour from time to time too – a touch of matte green, navy blue or vibrant purple on the outer corner of the eye in the evenings can be the perfect touch to go with a glam black dress.

Rule no.3: Get the correct foundation shade for warm, glowing skin

When shopping for foundation, ensure you stay away from anything with a cool tone to it as it will always make the face appear paler than it is and looks terrible in photos (even if it matches your skin colour perfectly to the naked eye). Go for foundations with a warm base – they lift your complexion and give you a healthy glow – something most of us have to fake as we get older and our skin loses pigment.

Rule no.4: Concentrate on your cheeks.

As women age, they loose a lot of the pigment in their skin – so to keep up that glow and create definition, you need to pay special attention to making up your cheeks and bringing out those cheekbones.

Broken capillaries on the face and especially the cheeks are a common problem for women over 40. Because of the redness they cause, those who suffer from them need to be carful about the colours they apply to their cheeks, as red tones will emphasise the condition. Using a bronzer instead is a great option is it will counter the redness and give a warm, natural glow.

Rule no.5: Line with caution

Lining the eyes make them pop, which is great, but you need to be a bit careful how you do it. Try not to line under the eye too heavily, if at all, as it makes them appear droopy and pulls the eye downward.

If the eyelid has fine creases on it, then rather than using a pencil liner, use a dark eyeshadow and a thin wet brush to line the eyes – the eyeshadow will sit in the cracks rather than go over the top of them leaving gaps.

Rule no.6: Don’t forget your eyebrows

For women of all ages, grooming and defining the brows is one of the most important factors when it comes to makeup as the brows frame the face.

One of the fastest ways to age yourself is with brows that are too thin, or not well defined. As the aging process occurs, the skin on the eyelids and around the eye can start to sag and appear puffy – and thin or virtually non existent eyebrows can enhance this.

If you have over-plucked in your youth and it is too late to re-grow the brows, ensure that penciling them in is part of your makeup routine. The best eyebrow pencils are always found in makeup ranges designed for Asian skin as the colours are dull and natural looking.

If it is not too late to re-grow, grow your brows in to a fuller shape and have them tinted and shaped professionally – it will lift the whole face and give you a whole new look.

Extending the brow line slightly at the end with a pencil creates a very elegant look.

Rule no.7: Dress your décolletage

The skin on the décolletage can giveaway your age and spoil a gorgeous makeup job. It is also an area that can be prone to broken capillaries and uneven skin tone. Mineral powders are a great product to use on this area. Just a light sweep will make all the difference.

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