Our Summer Favourite: Coral


Don't forget to treat your nails to this happy summer colour. Coral nail polish really does brighten up those fingers and toes.


We've put together a few wardrobe favourites this summer.



First Row: Right to left.

Hope Shirt, Packer Short-KETZ-KE, Split Sleeve Top-RACHEL HUNTER, Kate Sandal, NUMBER ONE SHOES, Bag-STORM,






































Zabbana Clutch-From SCARPA, Everybody Edia Slide-From SCARPA, I eat mainly lobster nail lacquer-O.P.I, Meet me at sunset nail lacquer-ESSIE, Dress-YVONNE BENNETI, Sydney Wedge-KATHRYN WILSON, Franesco Morichetti ELBA strappy heels-From SCARPA, Dress-SABLE & MINX

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