Our favourite inclusive beauty YouTubers to follow

In a world of social media, seeing your favourite celebs and influencers posting their beauty and makeup routines on Instagram and TikTok is a regular occurrence. But there is one platform that is the real OG for beauty content and that is YouTube. People flock to YouTube to upgrade their makeup skills, learn about skincare, new beauty brands and watch people partake in crazy beauty treatments. But with millions of videos to scroll through, we have narrowed it down and picked out eight of our favourite inclusive beauty bloggers, to save you time so you can get to the best ones.

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Nyma Tang

Rising to Youtube fame with her series “the darkest shade,” Nyma, who is of South Sudanese descent, uses her platform to inform, educate and push for greater inclusion within the beauty world for woman with dark skin tones.




Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch beauty blogger and YouTuber, who gained popularity online in 2015. Nikkie has amassed a following of 13.4 million subscribers, with her quirky personality and artistic creative beauty looks. Nikkie recently came out as transgender and has been open and honest with her struggles after coming out as transgender and her struggles with mental health.



Haley Kim

Haley Kim is the girl you want to follow for beautiful, natural, glassy skin. Her approach to makeup is “less is more,” so you can expect to see light, feathery eyebrows, minimal mascara and lots of dewy and glassy skin makeup looks.



Tina Yong

With 3.11 million subscribers, Tina’s channel is all about trying the latest, greatest and craziest beauty trends and treatments. Her series “Tina tries it,” sees her trying an array of weird and wonderful Korean beauty treatments.



Hannah Musette

Model and beauty blogger, Hannah posts videos about dealing with natural, curly hair in the beauty industry. From different ways to style curly hair to braiding, wig installations, haircuts and how to care for your curls.



Raji Osahn

Raji posts videos on how to cover up common skincare issues such as pigmentation, acne scarring and dark under-eye circles. Some of her most popular videos have been tutorials on how to thread your own eyebrows at home and she has long advocated for positivity, posting daily affirmation videos.




Alba is a clean beauty blogger, who focuses on natural and clean makeup and beauty brands. A wife and mother, Alba has been posting for around 10 years with a following of 1 million subscribers. If you want to learn about organic beauty and non-toxic products then Alba is the one to follow.



Taylor Wynn

For all the pale skin girls out there or the girls with sensitive skin – Taylor’s channel is where you’ll want to subscribe. Taylor’s videos are aimed at girls with very pale skin and skin conditions such as acne and scarring. Her informative and educational videos help girls to manoeuvre the beauty world and help you feel beautiful in the skin you are in.

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