On the counter: Clarins 'Nude Inspiration'

Clarins 'Nude Inspiration'

On counter this month (March 2010), Clarins' “Nude Inspiration” colour collection sees Makeup Director Thibault Vabre telling 'a country tale of a very natural girl.  Fresh-faced and free, emerging from a field of ripe wheat, she wears….soft and subtle nude shades.”


Cue skin washed in transparent beige; delicate pink lips and nude toned eyes to give what Vabre describes as naturally enhanced beauty.



The hero of this classically pretty collection is the Face & Blush Duo compact (RR$85).  It's actually a trio!  On the top there is a soft, subtle beige face powder, and underneath a coral/chestnut blush duo with both top and bottom decorated with spectacularly prety wheat leaves.

The Eyebrow Kit 'Pro' palette (RR$70)is another standout and will work for beginners and pro's alike.  Cop this!  Three brow shades; beige-pink highlighter; setting wax, brow brush, mini tweezers and more in one handy compact.

Luxurious Colour Quartet for Eyes – 110 (nudes)(RR$79)offers neutrals with a modern twist.  The shadow is easy to apply and blends beautifully, with both a matte and a sparkly neutral option, a light mid brown and a glamourous soft darker brown.

Top it all off with Clarin's Joli Rouge (RR$51) – it comes in six shades in the Nude Inspiration collection – we found 'Heather Pink' to be the perfect pinky neutral as its name would suggest!


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