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Maybelline New York Mineral Power – Naturally Luminous Blush (Fresh Plum)

This reviewer is a mineral makeup virgin! I was most pleasantly surprised. Maybelline’s Naturally Luminous Blush is easy to apply (it’s essentially loose in its little pot so you use a blusher brush); light textured, and blended beautifully with my base. The best surprise of all was the colour – I have average-pale colouring and a lot of bronzers and the like can look jarringly orange – but Fresh Plum made me look naturally radiant. At 41 that’s no mean feat!

ROC Gentle Exfoliating Cream and Protective Re-sourcing Care (SPF15 hydrating fluid)

This is this reviewer’s second exposure to ROC skincare and the French brand is fast becoming a favourite. The Gentle Exfoliating cream was exactly that – gentle – and the particles were really fine – as I am a contact lense wearer the latter is crucial ‘cause there ALWAYS seems to be some residue no matter how careful you are, and big particles in eyes HURT.

The Protective Re-sourcing Care (SP15 hydrating fluid) has a great level of moisture and weight for my early forties skin and I suspect it would be excellent for those with slightly dry skin too. I’m always a bit wary of an SPF’s effect on how well a cream applies but this baby glides on and penetrates perfectly.

L’Oréal Age Re-Perfect Pro-calcium Radiance Enhancer Restoring Care and De-crinkles Eye and Lip Contours

Wow – I am an immediate devotee. Any moisturiser that can make me look instantly dewy and fresh has got my vote. Devoted to the very best reviews for you, dear readers, I waited until I looked really, really shattered and old prune-like to apply L’Oréal’s Radiance Enhancer Restoring Care and o-mi-god restore it did. Sensational.

Whether De-crinkle can genuinely reverse the smile line effect around my eyes can’t be proven in one test application– but I did notice the crinkly bit was nicely plumped and looked a little restored after using the cream – will continue!

Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunblock – SPF 70

Ok readers – I made it past 40 with decent skin despite some quite enthusiastic abuse. So from now on it’s Juls versus the sun – no rays to speed the aging of this fair visage – I WILL apply sunscreen to my face every day.

For me the one test of a facial sunscreen is – will the SPF make it gummy and hard to apply? Not this baby. It has the non-greasy feel promised and I was able to literally slap and run. Good one Neutrogena.

Olive hand cream

After neglecting my hands all winter long this smooth creamy hand cream with it's Combination of natural and organic plant oils , extracts with virgin olive oil and spring water was perfect for the job. This combination leaves you hands feeling rehydrated without a greasy feeling, quickly absorbed into the skin leaving your hands as good as new. Great to use after the harsh winter to bring you hands back to life. Suitable for every skin type olive hand cream reduces the visible signs of premature aging. For best results wash with olive liquid soap before application.
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Tebe Face moisturising night cream

This rich, nourishing treatment actively formulated to hydrate your skin while you sleep is amazing. Replenishing lost moisture from a busy day and the harsh elements, a small application each night before you go to bed has you waking up feeling like a new person leaving your skin feeling as soft as silk and well rested.

Wella System Professional – Hydro Milk

Do you like to use conditioner but your hair doesn’t? A moisturising spray created to protect hair from drying out. The spray formulation is light and doesn’t weigh your hair down as well as saving you precious time as you simply spray it on after you have shampooed and towel-dried your hair. Know your hair is getting the moisture it needs from just a few squirts in a few seconds – brilliant!

Loreal tec – Texture Spray

Are you one of those people that just has to tweak you hair even after you think you have finished?

I am and a lot of hairsprays are designed to use at the very last minute to hold your style. Not so with the new texture spray from Loreal. Letting you work and re work your tresses to give texture and light movement with flexible hold it’s perfect for those with mid- length to long hair.

Linden Leaves Sugar salt exfoliating body scrub

Scrub the days stress away!

Nourish and hydrate your skin with evening primrose oil, jojoba and sweet almond oil. This invigorating scrub is enriched with basil and clary sage easing muscular aches as well as aiding the mind in de-stressing. Looking for a good reason to soak in the bath then here it is – Devine with a capital D.

Revitanail French polish

Don’t quite have the nails to pull off one of springs brightly coloured shades?

Wether you want the classic look of a full set of French polished nails or you just want your not so nice digits to look healthy then grab a bottle today! My usually not so expert nail painting is having a good day today going on easily and making my dull tired nails glow.

Environ ‘s New C-Quence Lip Balm
Lip balm has to be every girl’s best friend doesn’t it? Well if it’s not it should be.
Often we spend hundreds of dollars buying skincare for the rest of our faces but forget about our smackers, they need nourishment too!
Environs vitamin rich lip treatment softens and hydrates without the sticky residue that a lot of lip-glosses leave on your lips.
Ideal for outdoor sports it has a SPF of 25 and is fragrance free so no awful taste in your mouth. Its soothes dry, chapped lips and contains shea butter, bees wax as well as Sqaulane, a plant derivative that improves skin elasticity to ensure smooth supple lips.

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