NZFW Favourites – Final Wrap Up


Natalie Cosgrove, FashioNZ editor

Favourite show? World – completely spectacular. But Stolen Girlfriends Club come a close second for keeping their show fun and irreverent, and finishing it with a bang (an exploding bouquet into the audience).
Favourite hair/makeup? Again, I’m going to have to go with World – the most intricate hairstyles I’ve ever seen, plus amazing sequinned eye makeup for the girls. Lauren Gunn’s team also did a great job with the hair in the Cybele show – it suited the pagan-inspired clothing and ethereal vibe.
Best goody bag? This one’s tricky… as a lot of the goody bags contained my three favourite things: booze, chocolate and coffee. I’m going to go with Cybele’s goody bag because of the bottle of Deutz and cute new season Cybele t-shirt, and Michelle Yvette’s goody bag was full of goodies, including Kapiti ice-cream vouchers, drinks vouchers, lip gloss, hair products, coffee vouchers and even a voucher to spend at the Michelle Yvette Store. And since this is so difficult, I’ll have one more. Trelise Cooper’s goody bag had great products from La Mer, nice hair product – oh and vodka!
Best music? Twenty-seven Names 90’s soundtrack – it took me back to my school days.
Best hospitality? The MAC/ghd room – I couldn’t have done without the makeup, hair and nail touch ups from the lovely MAC, ghd and Orly teams. Every single one of the team was so friendly.
Best model? I think Samantha Shorter is completely stunning, and definitely Aussie model Samantha Harris – very beautiful and always composed on the runway.
Best party? Zambesi (aka ‘Zamboozi’) for keeping the booze flowing and giving us vegemite toast!
Best off-the-runway style? Who else but the fabulous Colin Mathura-Jeffree – his red suit was fab.
Favourite fashion week moment? So hard to name just one… the moment I discovered there was an unlimited and free (yes FREE) supply of red bull in both the media room and MAC/ghd room…heaven. Morning bubbles at Ruby, seeing the amazing back detailing on the dresses at the Nicole Miller show, the super cute (and sometimes fierce!) kids modelling at the Trelise Kids show, enjoying a well deserved drink with the team at the end of Fashion Week…. the list goes on!

Gracie Stewart, Beauty Bible editor

Favourite show? My favourite show would definitely have to be Ruby. It was simple yet effective and I would wear every single piece from the collection.
Favourite hair/makeup? Once again, Ruby. Flawless pale skin and bright red lips = perfection.
Best goody bag? Best goody bag would have to go to Cybele. Who doesn’t love a free Cybele tee?
Best hospitality? Definitely the MAC room, I swear that place gets better every year. Oh and this time I got a locker full of MAC makeup. MAC sure knows how to keep a girl happy.
Best model? Hmm best model I think would have to go to Jasper Seven – babe! That boy has the sexiest jaw line I think I have ever seen.
Best party? Being the nana that I am, by the end of each day I was so exhausted that there was no way I could make it to any parties. However from the things I have heard it sounds like the Huffer party was pretty amazing.
Best off-the-runway style? Rumi of course, that girl has a wardrobe I would kill for.
Favourite fashion week moment? Compiling our top 10 hot guys from Fashion Week, over pizza and wine with FashioNZ Editor Nat.

Julia Dick, FashioNZ reviewer

Favourite show? Twenty Seven Names simply for the fact that I could transfer most of that collection into my current wardrobe quite comfortably, today. Matchi Motchi for the pure unexpectedness of it. It was not what you would call a particularly wearable collection, but it was refreshing to see a designer go wild like that. The facial expressions around the room were priceless. Alexandra Owen, from a construction point of you, her collection really stood out from the rest. While it's not my wardrobe style, it was a very clever show and I can appreciate her skill level.
Best goody bag? Trelise Cooper Kids. A free Barbie Doll on entry, you can't beat that.
Best music? Twenty Seven Names. It's a lot to do with my age but 90's hip hop and a little bit of Jimi Hendrix, gets me every time.
Best hospitality – The MAC room without a doubt. While a full on up-do with evening eyes can feel slightly uncomfortable at 10 in the morning, complimentary nails are always good. The ginger themed home baked confections in the media room were also a treat.
Favourite model? ANTM's Krista added some much needed colour to the line up of models.
Best off-the-runway style? I get a bit resentful looking around and seeing really obviously followed trends, the people who I thought looked the best were the ones who did their own thing. You can't go past Colin Mathura Jeffrey's bright monochromatic suits either.
Favourite fashion week moment? Sitting down with a wine on the Friday afternoon, knowing that the hard yards had been run.

Janelle Rennie, FashioNZ reviewer

Favourite show? Sera Lilly… loved the opening of it and Sera’s own unique style… read about it here:
Favourite hair/makeup? Smashbox’s makeup that accompanied the silver swept, crimpled, teased and poufy French rolls at Matchi Motchi.
Best goody bag? Trelise Cooper, love the gorgeous long Trelise necklaces that were hiding in them.
Best music? Jimmy D
Best Models? The models during Sera Lilly’s show (all from Amanda Bransgrove’s Monarch Models) were fantastic, they walked beautifully.
Best hospitality? The Carpenter’s Daughter serving sorbet to the whole audience!
Best party? Remix’s Fashion Week Wrap Party on Sat night at 1885 was packed to the rafters full of all the gorgeous people!
Favourite fashion week moment? The unveiling of Trelise’s Stained Glass window catwalk backdrop…. Just stunning! Close second would be the start of Sera Lilly’s show.


Greta van der Star FashioNZ reviewer/blogger

Favourite show? Salasai
Favourite hair/makeup? Juliette Hogan – 60's babes!
Best goody bag? Salasai – mini Issey Miyake perfume and some mini Absolute Vodkas
Best music? Juliette Hogan and Ruby – love Best Coast!
Best hospitality? I managed to borrow a pass for the MAC room for 10 minutes and was jealous of all the pampering going on!
Best model? Oh, too many! Loving all the red heads…hot!
Best party? Zambesi and Nom* D
Favourite fashion week moment? The throwing and feeding of meringues, ripping of pillows and general chaos in the Nom* D performance

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