NZFW Day Two: Wrap Up

A mad dash back to Fashion Week HQ at Halsey St was interrupted when we realised FashioNZ blogger Julia had left her delegate’s lanyard at home. After sorting that out, we decided it was time for a wee breather (after all, we’ve been working hard!). Beauty Bible editor Gracie and I headed to the MAC/ghd VIP room for a little bit of pampering courtesy of the lovely MAC girls. Makeup done, and looking like we’d rolled out of bed looking fabulous, it was time to head off to the next show.

The Sabatini and Augustine group show was fantastic – again, the weather did its best to put a damper on things. The wind howled outside and shook the tent, but it was nothing a little music couldn’t drown out. At this show, I witnessed my first model fall of the week. I have to hand it to this model, who was dressed in a floor-length gown, wearing shoes that were too big. Her shoe slipped off and she tripped, but she made the most graceful comeback – slipping it back on and continuing walking without battling an eyelid. A true professional!

A few hours of furious writing in the media room while my very capable team were off interviewing Jimmy D (a show I’m told was fantastic) and the NZ Weddings Bridal Show, all of a sudden it was time for World.

World was definitely one of my most highly anticipated shows – and the show left me completely speechless. Make sure you check out my review and the runway images – the show was breathtaking. Held at the beautiful and imposing grand ballroom at the Langham Hotel, guests were treated to high tea and champagne – and I happened to be seated next to the one and only John Banks! After schooling him on the ins and outs of Fashion Week, the show began. Although it’s only day two, I’m confident that this show will remain one of the biggest highlights of NZFW for me – a reminder that fashion truly can be an art form.

So now I’m back at my laptop waiting to head off to the one and only Trelise Cooper’s show. After that we’re heading off-site to check out NZFW veterans Nom D. No doubt they will turn on the magic once again.

See you tomorrow!

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– Natalie Cosgrove

Images ©Air New Zealand Fashion Week/Michael Ng

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