NZFW Day One: Wrap Up

Sure, there were a few lows: traipsing through puddles in my brand-new (and fabulous) sky high heels after managing to secure a highly-coveted carpark which was still a mile away from the venue, to the very sore feet from walking all day in said shoes. But I can’t complain – beauty is pain, and these slight glitches don’t compare with how fun it is to be at the centre of the biggest event in NZ fashion.

So, fuelled by copious amounts of red bull (sugar free of course), the FashioNZ team has been frantically running from show to show soaking in all the fabulous fashion, and I have to say that, as always, I am impressed by the creativity and professionalism of the designers who have shown so far.

Fave goody bag so far? I’ll have to say Cybele. Her goody bag contains a cheeky wee bottle of bubbles – a must have fashion week item!

So now, after a quick refuel, we’re heading to Zambesi – one of my most highly anticipated shows of the week.

Bring on tomorrow!


– Natalie Cosgrove

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Cybele Runway Gallery c/- Hilary Johnston

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