Nourish your skin with multi-purpose OMni Balms

OMni Balms

OMni Balms offers multi-purpose balms for anywhere your skin needs hydration. Images supplied.

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate beauty “unicorn” product the wait is over. Introducing OMni Balms, a New Zealand made 100% natural range of luxurious multi-purpose balms for your lips, cheeks, nails, decolletage and anywhere else you need nourishment and hydration.

OMni Balms was created by Aucklander, Vanessa Morgan, a single mother on a quest to find products to help her son’s eczema. After studying homoeopathy and acupuncture, Vanessa developed a passion for natural products and the slow beauty movement, therefore, creating Omni Balms to fit her needs and create her very own natural-meets-luxury beauty brand.

“Integrity and honesty are the central values of OMni. Being able to say the balms are 100% natural is so important to me. Then it’s knowing they are really beautiful products to wear, they feel and smell delicious and are amazing for your skin. And I of course wanted them to look fabulous and feel luxurious. I call them my little pots of joy,” says Vanessa.

In many ways, the multi-purpose aspect of the balms was an accidental discovery. Customers who were using one of the original formulations began commenting on how they were using them on their brows and cheeks, or to repair dry cracked skin on other areas of their body. Vanessa realised she was also unconsciously using them to moisturise her cuticles, hands and elbows.

OMni Balms

OMni Balms offers six different balms for different requirements.

“It was a lightbulb moment. We all need a multi-purpose balm in our handbags and bathrooms. And not just women, men too. We all want to be smart with our money, to be able to use every last drop of a product, and to minimise our environmental footprint. OMni felt like a win-win. A product for everybody to use everywhere.”

The OMni range includes six different balms – The Nourish balm can be used anywhere and everywhere from a night cream to an eyebrow gel or even to help with cuts and grazes.

The Blush and Radiant Zinc balms have subtle hints of colour that you can layer up or down and are perfect for lips and cheeks, as a highlighter, and on your décolletage for that sunkissed glow.

The Polish balm is a great exfoliator that is gentle enough for delicate areas like your lips, backs of hands, cuticles and elbows. And it tastes delicious with natural coconut sugar and sweet orange oil.

OMni Balms are available online and at selected stockists throughout New Zealand.

Images supplied.

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