Nom*D at NZFW – Review


This was how Nom* D opened their NZ Fashion Week show, ‘A Danse Macabre’. A Danse Macabre is defined as a late-medieval allegory on the universal nature of death, a reminder that death comes to all people, no matter what their station in life. So in this sense, I think perhaps it was this sense of the imminent and ever present of danger, or even death, was the inspiration behind Nom* D’s latest collection.


With this dark subject in mind, I was interested to see how this would be realised in a fashion show. And I have to say, that I was highly impressed with the spectacle – there was a definite sense of drama and intrigue, and theatricality. The theatricality of the show was very cool – and the models remained perfectly in character and maintained a sense of the ‘macabre’.

My only critique would be that because of this, the clothes didn’t really take centre stage – but nonetheless, it was great to see such a different interpretation of staging a fashion show. I would liken it more to an installation, rather than a show. Deconstructed garments featured heavily, teamed with Doc Martens painted white. Models dressed in pilgrim-style hats harkened back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

Clearly this show was a collaboration of brilliantly creative minds – and the effort that must have gone into bringing the concept to life must be applauded.


– Natalie Cosgrove

Photography c/o Hilary Johnston

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