Nick Von K releases stunning Goddess collection

Nick von K Goddess collection

Jewellery from Nick Von K’s Goddess collection. Images supplied.

Jewellery brand Nick Von K recently released a gorgeous new range called the Goddess collection which is a celebration of women as a force of nature. Designer and founder Nick Von Klawill is well known for his eye-catching and eclectic designs, and has been honing his craft as a jewellery designer for over 25 years.

“I’ve used strong geometric shapes set with lush NZ Pounamu and iridescent Mother of Pearl shell with names such as Olympia, Delphi and Calypso who were legendary feminine images of strength, vitality and beauty. The gems are faceted to sparkle with life,” says Nick Von Klawill. “I’ve also played with with images of the native NZ Puriri Moth, the females are the largest moth in NZ with a wingspan up to 15cm.”

Fittingly, the names of the jewellery pieces reference the mythology of goddesses, Olympia is an ancient feminine name meaning ‘from Mount Olympus’ representing divine goddess-like strength and vitality. The ancient city of Delphi was always centered around a high priestess Oracle. She represents a strong feminine figure who gives insight into the future and direction for society. Calypso was a fabled nymph who enchanted Odysseus with her singing and beauty, she is legendary because she was a powerful woman who seduced the hero to fall in love with her.

The jewellery itself is crafted in sterling silver utilising the aforementioned mother of pearl alongside pounamu in hues of jade green, black and light gold, with a striking ombre pounamu used for a pendant. Each piece is beautifully detailed especially the Puriri Moth jewellery which showcases the delicate wingspan of the insect. Accompanying the collection is wonderful campaign imagery featuring actress Amanda Billing and model Ashley Emiko.

“I designed the collection to offer women talismans of identity to adorn themselves with as they walk forwards into a positive future,” adds Nick. “And I chose Ashley and Amanda to model this collection as they both embody these qualities in a way which invites all women to shine.”

Nick von K Goddess collection

Nick von K Goddess collection

Images supplied.

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