New Zealand’s best gender-neutral fashion labels

Gender-fluid fashion is taking its well-deserved place on runways and in storefronts – and we simply can’t get enough of it. Androgynous-inspired trends have been popping up throughout fashion’s timeline, however it’s now in 2019 that we’re seeing unisex dressing get the sartorial stronghold it deserves.

More than a mere trend, this momentum is a celebration of diversity, inclusion and self-expression. In a love letter to the unisex dressing movement and as a celebration of the brands embracing it, here are the local labels embracing androgynous and gender-fluid styles.

New Zealand Gender Neutral labels

Mantle Top – Seersucker, $495.00 (left), Trance Top – George Hajian Print Silk Mesh, $375.00 (centre), Kaboom Silk Tee with Swarovski® crystals, $560.00 (right) from Jimmy D.

Jimmy D
Androgyny has been part of Jimmy D’s aesthetic since the label was launched back in 2004. Equipped with a love of contrast, designer James Dobson mixes a flurry of traditionally opposite themes into Jimmy D’s collections. Feminine and masculine elements, darkness and humour are mixed with luxe materials in casual styles to create Jimmy D’s inimitable fabric. Season upon season, you can expect a collection heavy on genderless pieces, which features playful proportions, deconstruction and fluid forms in Jimmy D’s signature moody colour palette (with the odd dash of colour, of course).

New Zealand Gender Neutral labels

Unisex Cool T White, $77.40 (left), Unisex Cool T Navy, $77.40 (right) from WORLD.

There’s no label quite as iconic as WORLD when it comes to fashionably flicking the middle finger to sartorial gender norms – or norms in general, for that matter. As a label that marches to the beat of it’s own fabulous drum, WORLD’s pieces are electric, eclectic, quirky while always avant-garde. Their unisex garments are absolutely no exception to this. Slogan tees, jumpers, ponchos and an impossibly chic rendition of track-pants are among the items in their 2019 ‘Cool is Not Cool’ unisex collection. Also worth a mention is WORLD’s covetable range of accessories; where belts, badges and brooches make for perfect gender-neutral touches to outfits of all kinds.

New Zealand Gender Neutral labels

Aurora Double-Layered Fine Cotton Unisex Jacket Blue, $99.00 (left), Terra Unisex Trousers (Stripe), $270.00 (right) from Jason Lingard.

Jason Lingard
Fluid silhouettes are the perfect stepping-stone into the realm of gender-neutral dressing. There’s no better example of this than Jason Lingard, whose pieces from his eponymous brand are designed to interchangeably fit all bodies, ages, seasons and genders alike. Orientalism, Neo-Gothicism and a sultry dark and moody colour palette make this label one of the best for timeless androgynous investment pieces.

New Zealand Gender Neutral labels

Bobby Blazer (Vermillion), $229 and Bobby Trouser (Vermillion), $199 (left),  Bobby Blazer (Sunset), $229 (right) from Sweepstake Winners.

Sweepstake Winners
A hot new ticket in the line-up of local unisex brands is none other than newcomer Sweepstake Winners. Launched in December 2018 by local designer Julia Ford and musician Matthew L. Paul, this vibrant label is painting the gender-fluid fashion scene all kinds of colours. A far cry from the often dark, and neutral tones that reign supreme among many unisex collections, Sweepstake’s pieces come in a rainbow of sorbet tones, rich summery hues as well as eye-catching floral prints. The label completely does away with gendered pieces, and instead opts for head-to-toe gender-fluidity in it’s technicolour range of two-piece suits, jogging suits, loungewear, tees and scarves.

New Zealand Gender Neutral labels

Prague trench, $835 (left), Storecoat in Tumeric, $430 (centre), Unisex Club jeans, $100 (right) by Zambesi.

Another mecca for genderless pieces is Zambesi. Androgynous elements have been part of Zambesi’s fabric from day one – and in 2019 this shows no signs of slowing down. Not only do they curate pieces from international androgyny-heavy fashion houses like Vetements, Raf Simons and Margiela in their stores, their own line also boasts a covetable range of gender-neutral pieces. A peruse through their boutiques and online store will introduce you to their gorgeous unisex coats and jackets, as well as pants, shirts and footwear.

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