Natasha Joseph on being a fashion illustrator

Natasha Joseph Illustrations

Natasha Joseph, Illustrator. Image supplied.

Natasha Joseph is a talented fashion illustrator who has worked with local and international clients including NYX Cosmetics, CosmoGirl, Auckland Racing Club, DFS Galleria and Westfield. Her beautiful illustrations have also seen her gain over 11,000 followers on Instagram where she shares not just her commercial projects but all the gorgeous looks that catch her eye and inspire her to sketch. Fashion illustrating has certainly risen in popularity again recently and we were keen to find out why she chose to do it, what her favourite illustrations and how long the process takes her.

What made you become a fashion illustrator?
I started figure drawing at a very young age but they were mostly character sketches from comic books. The characters, Betty and Veronica, from Archie Comics were my favourite sources of inspiration as child.
I discovered fashion drawing when I stumbled upon David Downton’s illustrations in a magazine and I’ve been hooked ever since!

What inspires you?
I try to find inspiration in everyday things like places I visit or fashion magazines and blogs that I love to read.

Natasha Joseph Illustrations

Illustration by Natasha for NYX Costmetics (left) and Oh Natural Cosmetics (right).

How would you describe your personal style and how does it influence your work?
I would describe my personal style as playful, feminine with lots of pastels and floral prints. My illustrations are also whimsical and elegant but far more trendy and stylish. If only the clothes I drew came to life! Until then I’ll just have to live vicariously through my fashion sketches.

Which illustration is your favourite so far?
Earlier this year, I created a poster for NYX Cosmetics’ makeup launch event. The poster features a uber chic fashionista with platinum/lavender ombré hair wearing a little black dress and holding some of their latest products like the Love You So Mochi collection.

I really enjoyed creating a theme and fashion figures that would incorporate NYX’s latest products and align with its branding.

How long does it take you to create an illustration from start to finish and what’s the process like?  
This would depend on the type of project I’m working on. If I’m live sketching for an event like a brand launch or wedding, it takes me 12-15 minutes per illustration. A live sketching event is where I create quick, live custom sketches of guests and/or products as a keepsake/souvenir. It’s a great way to make an event memorable and to offer your guests/clients something unique and personalised.

Apart from live sketching, the work could range between few hours to a couple of weeks. The process involves understanding the product I’m trying to sketch, identifying and developing a concept or a theme for the client and then translating this into illustrations.

Natasha Joseph Illustrations

Natasha’s live sketching at the Ellerslie races.

Who would your dream collaboration be with? What would you create?
If it’s live sketching for a brand, I would love to collaborate with Karen Walker. To be their artist in residence and create custom live sketches for their customers would be dream come true!

If it’s a licensing project, I would love to collaborate with Graphique de France and launch my signature range of fashion stationery products.

What is next for you? Can you give us any sneak peeks?
I’m live sketching at Auckland Racing Club on Boxing Day! I’m so excited to create custom illustrations for contestants who will be participating in Fashions in the Field.

Finish this sentence – You would never catch me wearing….
Anything with spikes on it! Given how clumsy I can be, I’d be too afraid to accidentally injure someone or even hurt myself!

I did however read an article about an industrial designer who introduced the “spike away” vest because she was tired of being pushed and shoved during subway travel so wearing clothing  with spikes does have it’s benefits.

Images supplied.

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