Mobile Phone colours for the changing season


The beginning of June marks the start of Winter and with cooler weather beginning to set in it’s the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe with lush coats, knits, and pants in the on-trend hues of the season.

If you’re anything like us, style doesn’t stop when it comes to clothing. Accessories are what pull a look together, and the smartphone is 2017’s ultimate accessory. Making a colourful statement through mobile devices has been popular in the past, with hot pink and bright hues popular on phones throughout the naughties.

Now, though, smartphone makers have recognised the popularity of personalising your device through a pop of colour and are producing phones in fashionable colours to match the latest season trends.

Here are our favourite smartphone colours for the season:

Dazzle in Blue
Rich, deep blue is a timeless colour that complements almost anyone, and the tone is perfect for transitioning into a darker autumn colour palette to suit the moodier season. The new HUAWEI P10 is available in a bespoke Dazzling Blue specifically designed in an industry-first collaboration with the world’s foremost authority on colour, the Pantone Color Institute – so you can be sure it’s a blue quite unlike any other shade you’ve seen before. Boasting a unique Hyper Diamond Cut finish that repels pesky fingerprints and offers a subtle reflective finish, Dazzling Blue is a one-off in the smartphone world that is a stylish statement phone.


HUAWEI P10 in Dazzling Blue.

Cool as ice
If you’re after icy tones to match the crisp winter weather, look no further than the Sony Xperia XZ Premium in smooth silver. The phone’s rigid edges tie in perfectly with the smooth sliver metal and will make a perfect accessory to go with those winter knits. Pair a chunky marle scarf with your sleek sliver smartphone for the perfect winter accessory match-up.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium in Silver.

Add a pop of Prestige Gold
Gold was the unspoken dress code at the 2017 Oscars, with actresses Emma Stone, Jessica Biel, Charlize Theron and Dakota Johnson all donning the striking hue on the red carpet – so if you’re after a smartphone in the trendiest colour of the season, gold is a smart pick. Simply prefer to rebel against the typical tones of autumn? A pop of gold will brighten up your rainy season wardrobe and have you feeling sunny all through the dreary autumn and winter months. Win, win!

Gold has been a popular colour choice for smartphone manufactures, and HUAWEI may have just perfected the gold smartphone with their mattified Prestige Gold P10 that’s smart and sophisticated, yet still packs a fashionable punch. Those with a bolder sense of style might prefer the P10 Plus’ Dazzling Gold hue, which sparkles in HUAWEI’s unique Hyper Diamond Cut finish. Both are equally stylish, so whatever your choice, you’ll be set for the season.


Huawei P10 Plus in Dazzling Gold.

Go snowy
Want to accessorise with snowy white colours without actually experiencing the sub-zero snow temperatures? Try a clean white smartphone for a bright splash amongst the heavy winter tones. The LG G6 comes in a mystic white option that will pop amongst your winter accessories.


LG G6 in Mystic White.

Graphite Black is the new black
Suitably moody and exquisitely classic, black will simply never go out of style. A colour that has graced the wardrobes of world’s most influential people since what seems like the beginning of time, a sleek, simple and quality black piece, whether a coat, leather jacket or pair of tailored pants, will be one that gets worn again and again.


Huawei P10 and P10 Plus in Graphite Black

The same goes for smartphones – almost every manufacturer has recognised consumers desire for a sleek black device. Whether it be Apple’s Jet Black iPhone, or the HUAWEI P10 in Graphite Black, you can’t go wrong with the timeless style of a sophisticated black smartphone.


iPhone 7 in Jet Black.

Whatever your preference, it’s apparent that this season’s smartphone colour palette will have you looking suitably stylish. We’ve picked a sleek, sophisticated smartphone as the accessory of the season!

Images supplied.

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