Minnie Cooper’s Five Star Slippers

Minnie Cooper’s new Five Star Slippers.

Minnie Cooper has just launched Five Star Slippers which is a fashion forward range of slippers perfectly timed for Mother’s Day. The brand is known for its high quality footwear and has been supplying New Zealanders with classic shoes since 1989. The beautifully crafted slippers are available in three styles; classic, ballet and mule, with each pair featuring soft leathers or cashmere blends, teamed with fleecy wool linings and soft indoor/outdoor soles. The size range for the slippers is 35-43.

“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style when you are indoors. So we’ve created slippers that are beautiful and indescribably comfortable,” Minnie Cooper designer Sandy Cooper says. “From the letterbox to the lemon tree and everywhere in between, when you’re at home you will want to slip on Five Star Slippers. All the materials are chosen with the immense amount of care and the people who make the slippers are shoemakers, so they are only interested in making a really great pair of shoes. We all have pride in the job we do, and every single pair of shoes we make. We want to get the materials look the best, feel the best – and last the best.”

Each pair of slippers is made in New Zealand by the Minnie Cooper team who make shoes feel every bit as good as they look. They’re available online through www.fivestarslippers.co.nz with prices starting at $139. In keeping with Minnie Cooper’s five-star customer service, shipping is free in New Zealand and Australia.

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