Mi Piaci lay their Foundations for Winter

Boots from Mi Piaci’s Foundations collection for Autumn/Winter 2017. 

Mi Piaci have just released their new Autumn/Winter 2017 collection and it’s a stylish take on the idea of groundwork, aptly titled Foundations. It’s from this starting point that the brand have explored footwear as the foundation of not just an outfit but that our feet ground us as humans. The groundwork for anything needs to be strong, secure and well thought out which makes a lot of sense when it comes to footwear and aligns with Mi Piaci’s clever design ideas and impeccable finishes.

For this season they’ve continued to play with some of the popular 70s and 90s-influenced styles that are re-interpreted to be relevant and modern. Solid heels, hardy metal details and multiple straps reference the idea of foundations while metallic finishes, eyelets and ribbons make for oh so covetable heels, boots and flats. We can’t help but be charmed by the  gorgeous hues of fuschia, emerald, burgundy, silver and blush teamed with neutral tan, black, grey and white.

Whether it’s an incredible pair of metallic-heeled boots or a winsome pair of stilettos with corset-style lacing at the heels, we’re certain you will find plenty of shoes to crush on at Mi Piaci over the cooler months.

Images supplied.

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