Merchant 1948 Celebrate their Stories

Merchant 1948's new campaign for spring/summer 2016/17.


Merchant 1948 have just launched their spring/summer 2016/17 collection for the new season and this time their campaign is inspired by the people and stories behind the brand who give the family business its heart. The company's purpose is "Together we inspire and create"and the campaign celebrates the relationships of the people that work in the business as well as those who contribute to its vision and help make up its family-based identity. 


The campaign photos were shot by talented local photographer Mara Sommer who has captured pairs of siblings, couples, friends and family members in images that honour their relationships in a real and touching way. Each pair also share their story on Merchant 1948's website and as the season goes on more stories will be added to the site as well as their social media and latest catalogue. It's a wonderful thing to recognise the people that make a company what it is especially since Merchant 1948 is one of New Zealand's most beloved long-running businesses.


As for the footwear, it's a brilliant mix of classic styles and on-trend pieces that will keep the brand's many fans happy this season. We're particularly liking all the cut-out details, block heels and lacing on strappy sandals and versatile flats that feature in rose gold, tan, beige, navy, silver, black and white with pops of bright cobalt and red for those who prefer their footwear in brighter hues. As always with Merchant 1948 we're going to make a lengthy wish-list and debate which ones to get first. 



Images supplied.

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