Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2015

We thought a Christmas shopping gift guide for a guy would be even better coming from a guy so we asked Sebastian, who is a particularly savvy shopper, for his thoughts on what stylish gifts to buy a man and how to deliver them for best results. We’ll let him take it from here…

Off to the shops we go…

This guide focuses on tried, tested additions to your man’s wardrobe rather than a trip to the shops for a casual purchase. On the whole, you will discover, giving a gift to him relies very much in the delivery.

Out of a box gifts are always safer seasoned with personal interest flavour; be it a hiking getaway, fishing trip, sailing or whiskey and cigar night with my mates (the latter a good combo with your girls’ evening out). We guys tend to like gifts that are handed over and told to go play.

When it comes to the gift of clothing, the sense of being a walking Ken doll creeps up on any guy when you proffer a garment his way; no matter how many times you plant a completely transparent, reassuring type of kiss with a ‘You look good in this’ declaration.

Clothing cannot speak for itself and is unlikely to see him clutching it close to his chest in delight, akin to you finding a seconds’ treasure. Likely it will be held at arms length, possibly in both hands, assessed against his wardrobe and perceived personal tastes. Which truth be told may frustrate your efforts to update his style. He may even be a fashion aware partner, allowing you to target buy; yet I stress, the forthcoming suggestions still stand.

If you are going to gift him clothes, rather wrap him with it than package it beforehand. A shirt should be a ‘discovery’ you would like him to try after your retail venture. One you button up in person, as close proximity will distract and him with your touch. He’ll be wearing this again for the memory and hopeful repeat – could you button this for me, like.. again?

These are a couple of quality shirts that will play their part admirably in this scenario and I favor Crane Brothers and Barkers for their quality and great fit.

Barkers Avoca Melange shirt $119.99 and Crane Brothers Elmwood shirt $295

If you buy him underwear, it should never be a throwaway event of pragmatism; more a prelude to what happens when he’s left wearing only the new pair again. At this point enough said lest we start a whole other article.

Recently we have seen several new men’s labels produce some fine packaging for guys. Two labels produced some well fitting examples are Heidi Klum Intimates and Frank and Beans.

HK Man Trunks $32.95 and Frank and Beans Boxers $16

A tie? Best you check the style against his current wardrobe, then repeat the shirt affair, he will still be thinking about that. Practise classic tie knots and apply with the interest your eyes show when applying your favourite topping, this could be done without his shirt by the way. The latter kills any vibe of being dressed like a school boy, let us assure you.

There is the Pretty Woman method of delivery to consider. That beats any number of ribbon festooned gifts when he walks in the door. This would work on our less movie enlightened brothers too.

One label that will compliment with a broad range to choose from is Working Style although Farmers also have a good selection.

Farmers Sander Strip Twin Pack $39.99 and Working Style Silver Dot Tie $149

Likely the most stylish of gifts to give your man would be jewellery. The acceptance and availability of statement accessories for men has grown significantly and with labels such as Stolen Girlfriends Club, you have a wide range of styles to choose from. Very alternate rocker silver bones through to minimalist rings of dark line and stone that would also suit any corporate pen waving hand.


Such items quickly become a signature piece to wear and really if you want to introduce your man to eye catching additions to his look, you will actually have to put a ring on it, or a watch, whichever takes your fancy.


Stolen Girlfriends Club Axe Ring $250 and Topman Brown with Green Watch $70

By now I am sure you see a trend here. Positive reinforcement through the power of suggestion. It will always do well and why not you also enjoy the process? He will understand it is very much an item you admire on him and feel as though you are wrapping a gift for yourself too.

Clothing is our packaging, it expresses how we feel and wish to be seen. Like you, his wardrobe is part of him. By directly adding to what he assumed was the wardrobe that in part charmed you, you are crossing an intimate boundary. Those small circles that surround each of us. Sharing the closest of orbits in-between is where the best memories lie.

– By Sebastian Stuart

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