Meet Model Samantha Shorter

We sat down with Sam to meet her and get to know her a little better!

How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it for?
I started modelling just after I turned 18 at the beginning of 2008, so three years ago now. I was working at Ruby at the time and Angela Crane (freelance fashion writer) came in and asked if I was a model. I said I wasn’t and she said I should go in and see Andi at 62. I had been given cards from other agencies when I was younger but I hadn’t really been interested. However, being a bit older and having finished school it felt right so I thought why not give it a shot.

If my count is right, you walked in around 20 shows at NZFW last year. Can you tell our readers a little about what it’s like to model at Fashion Week?
Modelling at fashion week is so much fun. It is one of my favourite times of year. I love everything from the clothes to the hair and make-up, the lighting and the music.
Of course it can be tiring and a little draining, with early starts and long days, but it’s totally worth it. As soon as you line up backstage the adrenalin kicks in and it’s just the best feeling.

It’s amazing to be a part of the whole experience too. The designers work so hard for so long on their collections, it’s cool to see everything come together in one cohesive production and actually be part of that. |

Can you tell us about some of your favourite shoots you have been involved in?
One of my favourite shoots I have done was when I was in Sydney. We shot this beautiful editorial for an Australian magazine called Fallen. We shot it at the manager of INXS’s house out in the country. He had the most beautiful property that had an incredible river running through it. It even had a swimming pool in the middle of a paddock! We ended up staying out there for dinner afterwards and all hanging out. It was such a fun day.

The Metro shoot I did which featured on the cover was another one of my favourites. It’s always fun wearing expensive jewellery and for that shoot I got to wear tens of thousands of dollars of diamonds. I felt like a million dollars!  Shooting on a bridge in Singapore wearing designer clothing like Gucci was pretty amazing too.

What’s your favourite part about modelling?
The people. I have met so many incredibly talented and creative people in the industry – from photographers to makeup artists, stylists or other models. I have also made a lot of friends, especially from my time in Sydney and Singapore, whom I never would have met if I wasn’t over there modelling.

You balance modelling work with PR/communications studies at AUT – how do you balance your time between the two?
I try my best. I like to say study comes first …. most of the time. If I miss a class for a shoot or show I always try make it up by attending another class that week. I’ve also been known to take my readings to shows. There’s usually lots of waiting round so I try to get my work done when I get the chance. I actually managed to complete two assignments during fashion week last year which I thought was pretty impressive. It’s all about time management and planning ahead.

What are your plans once you finish studying?
I definitely want to travel and do a big OE in Europe at some stage. I think it’s so important to experience different cultures, get outside your comfort zone and meet people from different walks of life. I would love to spend a few months living in Paris and learning to speak French fluently.

Modelling is such a great way to travel, so I would definitely be keen to take up any overseas opportunities with that once I finish my degree.   I’d also like to work in public relations in Sydney to get some experience before moving further abroad.

Describe your personal style.
Generally my style is quite classic and feminine, but I definitely go through phases. At the moment I live in shirts. They look good with everything and you can wear them in so many different ways … tied up, buttoned up and tucked in, open instead of a cardigan and so on. I also love wearing colour. I recently bought a beautiful cotton voile shirt from Karen Walker which is the coolest vibrant orange. It totally stands out and instantly makes you feel brighter.

I also can’t go past tailored things. There’s nothing more flattering than a well-cut pair of pants or a jacket. Pieces like this are sophisticated and last from season to season.

Who are your favourite NZ designers?
For classic pieces I’ve always loved Karen Walker. She always has such timeless coats, jackets, and tailored pants. I love how she isn’t afraid to use colour or mix lots of prints together either.  RUBY and Madame Hawke are my favourites for fun, girly pieces. The colour palette this season is to die for. I’m loving the tan and burgundy in the Madame Hawke collection, and the forest green in the RUBY one is pretty striking.

For something a bit edgier and tougher I love Stolen Girlfriends Club. I love their knitwear and jeans and they always nail a good party dress.

What is your must-have item for this winter?
Ever since shooting the lookbook I have been obsessed with Karen Walker’s heavy wool flannel man-style coat in tobacco. It’s this incredible burnt orangey kind of colour and the tailoring is just beautiful!

What has been your biggest fashion mistake?
My biggest fashion mistake would be wearing bright red dickies and a white USA sweatshirt religiously with skate shoes as a 10-year-old. Yikes!

Interview by Natalie Cosgrove

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