Meadowlark launches regal new Palace collection

Meadowlark Palace collection

Jewellery from Meadowlark’s new Palace collection. Images supplied.

Meadowlark have just released their fascinating new jewellery collection called Palace which conjures the solemnity and mystique of royal jewels. The eye-catching range continues co-designers Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont’s experimentation with beautiful natural forms like seed pods and pearls. Claire and Greg happened to find the Hawaiian Royal Family’s collection of medals and jewellery in the basement of the Iolani Palace in Honolulu while there on holiday. “As we soaked up the beauty and history of Hawaii, we found it to be a curious mix of Pacific ancient history, 19th century politics, religion, and fearless modernisation,” says Greg.

That regal inspiration led to a luminous collection that has ‘a sense of wonder and reverence, both for nature’s intricate inner workings and for the grand flow of human history’. One of the key shapes for Meadowlark is the medallion which has been interpreted as gorgeously detailed necklaces that feature a vibrant mix of rubies, emeralds, pink tourmaline and citrine. That shape carried across to earrings of the drop, hoop and stud variety, as well as delicately pretty charm necklaces. Pearls also feature strongly in the range whether as natural baroque pearls that take centre stage for necklaces and earrings or as tiny seed pearls that have been used in unique ways.

The designers have cleverly created sleek rows of seed pearls that have been crafted into rings, hoop earrings and stunning triple hoop styles. The effect is of diminutive seed pearls that appear to be bursting from their bands as they continue to grow, and is inspired by the seed pods of the white, purple and yellow irises planted in Claire and Greg’s garden. The idea is that they offer an abstracted vision of the flower’s original meaning, as a bridge between worlds. (In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris was a link between heaven and earth, and purple irises were traditionally planted on graves to help guide the dead toward heaven).

Meadowlark’s petal pearl pieces further the appeal of this range with the designers utilising large, baroque keshi pearls – “the biggest ones we can find” for the jewellery. These winsome pearls are perfectly imperfect and have an irregular, organic shape that’s the sincere expression of their formation. They feature on charming drop earrings, a choker, and a long, slinky snake chain necklace that is a truly elegant piece.

Each item in the collection is made to order in Meadowlark’s Auckland atelier with customers able to choose their preferred metal and to have stones set or unset. The brand has built a loyal fan base for its experimental and beautiful designs with this new collection a suitably magnificent addition to their jewellery range.

Meadowlark Palace collection

Meadowlark Palace collection

Meadowlark Palace collection

Images supplied.

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