Matilda Rice takes to the NZFW 2017 runway for Jockey

Matilda Rice Jockey NZFW 2017

Matilda Rice on the New Zealand Fashion Week 2016 runway for Jockey. Image supplied.

The delightful Matilda Rice became a brand ambassador for underwear brand Jockey in July last year and since then has starred in several campaigns and walked the New Zealand Fashion Week runway the brand. Tonight, she returns to the NZFW runway for Jockey’s fun fashion week show at 7.30pm alongside members of the All Blacks. We caught up with Matilda to find out how she prepares for the runway, what being Jockey’s brand ambassador is like and who her favourite kiwi designers are.

This is your second turn on the NZFW runway for Jockey, but what was it like to do it the first time last year and are you approaching it differently this year?
It was nerve wracking to say the least! Being in your underwear for a photo shoot is one thing, but being in your underwear while walking in front of a lot of people is quite another! There’s no hiding your bad angles! But as soon as I got out on the runway, I saw so many big smiles and I felt like everyone was rooting for me which was a really awesome feeling. I don’t think I’ll be as nervous this time, so I’m hoping I’ll rock it with a bit more confidence!

How do you prepare for being a runway model for the day and what’s the last thing you do before you step out onto the runway?
A tan is the number one thing. I hadn’t had any sun for a while so I’m looking a little transparent! The last thing I do before the runway is take a deep breath, and smile!

What are you most looking forward to about being in Jockey’s NZFW show?
Being backstage is so much fun. It’s probably my favourite thing about it. There’s such a buzz, and all the models are getting hair and makeup done, it’s hectic but awesome.

You’ve been a brand ambassador for Jockey for just over a year now, what has the experience been like?
It’s been incredible. My Jockey family have been so supportive and awesome over the last year. I’m a huge fan of the brand, so being part of it is a big honour.

What are your favourite Jockey products and why?
The Weekender range. I’m all about lounging at home (it’s one of my favourite things) and the Weekender range takes comfort to a whole new level, plus you don’t feel embarrassed wearing it!

How would you describe your personal style?
Classic and feminine. Lots of beige and cream! I try and be adventurous with colour sometimes, but always end up with the same vibe.

Who are your favourite New Zealand designers and are you going to any NZFW shows this year?
I have so many! I love Julian Danger, Georgia Alice and Andrea Moore especially. I’m going to quite a few shows… it’s looking to be a huge week! Now just have to plan outfits for them all…

Matilda Rice backstage at Jockey’s NZFW 2016 show with some of the All Blacks.

Images supplied.

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