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Potpourri was a ubiquitous part of home decor in the late 1980s, but did you know it was created here in New Zealand? Colyn Devereux, who founded Les Floralies, first revolutionised the New Zealand home fragrance market in 1986 with her handmade potpourri. She created it in an old bathtub under her house as an environmentally friendly alternative to aerosol room freshners. It was the beginning of raised awareness of the damage chemicals were doing to the environment and became a huge hit.
Scent has long been a part of creating a relaxing home environment, with candles, potpourri, diffusers and other scented household items selling huge numbers every year. While potpourri may not be as popular as it once was the desire for lovely scented household items is stronger than ever which is why Les Floralies has been re-launched and re-branded as Matakana Botanicals by Colyn’s son, Danvers. With 26 years experience in the fragrance market, Danvers has developed a certain ‘kiwi nose’ and now creates fragrances inspired by the local places he enjoys, and which he utilises in a wide collection of products he designs.
“The increasing demand for varying home décor asethetics was part of the reason we created several different ranges under the Matakana brand.” says Danvers. “Years ago we used to look at what the world fragrance trends were and respond accordingly. While we do keep this in mind, we focus more on creating fragrances which are inspired by local places around us and then sharing them with the world,”
Great Barrier Island Bee Co candles.
Great Barrier Island Bee Co, Earths Botanics, Southern Man, Apothecary brands were also created under the Matakana umbrella to cater to a range of different tastes and preferences. The scents of  the natural Great Barrier Island Bee Co  “Island Flowers” collection are all inspired bythe island's beautiful outdoors and are named accordingly with delicious sounding flavours including Kowhai & Vanilla, Pohutkawa and Pawpaw and Hibiscus & Lime. The designs are a reflection of well known island Botanical Artist “ Fanny Osbourne”  with the hero ingredients sourced locally from the island.


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