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While it’s true most of the result comes from the way you use the wand, not all mascaras are created equally. Just because your friend Susan swears by one mascara does not mean that you will love it too. Because while Susan may have thick full lashes, you may in fact have short lashes; or damaged lashes; or dead straight lashes. Just like the many hair products out there are created for different hair types, mascaras are created for varying types of lashes. This is why it’s so important to understand your lashes and what you need out of a mascara.

If, like most women, you have fine sparse lashes, you’re going to want to steer clear of ultra fluid wet mascaras which will only make your lashes appear more spindly; instead, opt for a cream or thicker mascara. You’ll still need to apply two coats but because the cream version has a much higher density to it, it will naturally build upon itself that much quicker, making volume much more achievable.

If you have dead straight lashes, you’re going to need a good lash curler. Use this three times per eye: once at the root, then along the lengths then at the ends to achieve an even curl before you apply mascara. The mascara you’re going to want to go for is a mousse or a relatively dry mascara, as you want it to dry quickly to help set the curl you’ve just created.

If you are blessed with thick full lashes, you need to be looking at a wet, fluid mascara. A mousse or cream is just going to clump as there’s too much hair to grab hold of. A liquid will gently glide through the hairs, adding volume and length. Roll the wand as you move from root to tip (kind of like blow-drying your hair with a round brush) to evenly distribute the product.

When it comes to black vs coloured mascaras, it really depends on your overall look. If you have naturally fair lashes then a dark brown mascara is a great option. However, I feel black is always best for evening or for more dramatic looks.

I you have damaged lashes from lash extensions or years of mascara usage then you’ll want to consider using a lash treatment/conditioner. This will help to treat the lashes you do have (helping them to grow longer and stronger), while encouraging growth of new lashes.

Never pump the wand in the tube. By doing this, you’re increasing air flow and therefore allowing bacteria to thrive and you’ll dry out the product much faster this way. Instead, gently roll the wand around the inside of the tube to pick up more product.

Please remember to change your mascara every six months for healthy happy eyes and lashes!

Clockwise from bottom left:

DiorShow Iconic Mascara in Black

MAC False Lashes Mascara in Black

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Smashbox Lash Revival Treatment & Conditioner

Young Blood Mascara Onyx

Avon Mini Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara

Shiseido Mascara Base

Blinc Mascara in Medium Brown

– Grayson Coutts

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