Marine-based skincare brand Syrene launches into MECCA

Syrene launches into Mecca

Syrene has arrived at beauty powerhouse MECCA. Image supplied.

We love a luxurious New Zealand skincare brand and even more so when it is one that is created from nature. Syrene – New Zealand’s premium marine-based skincare brand was established in 2016 and thoughtfully designed and led by a team of women who truly understand skincare. Dedicated to creating nutrient-rich products combining science and natural ingredients that feed the skin, Syrene uses quality active ingredients found both in the ocean and in nature to create a lightweight, gel-based daily skincare routine that beautifully melts into the skin for long-lasting moisture and nourishment. From marine ingredients, a calming aqua colour, seashell shapes and a sea breeze fragrance, Syrene is all about the ocean.

So it’s no surprise that Syrene chose to launch their brand into MECCA today – Monday 8th June, World Oceans Day, sitting alongside an array of global beauty giants. Syrene’s Marketing Manager Nadia Els identified MECCA as the ideal environment for Syrene to be stocked, with Els explaining “MECCA is the place to go for expertly curated brands and beauty products.”

When asked what stood out about Syrene, MECCA Creative Director Marita Burke explained “Our team fell in love with Syrene. First and foremost, they loved that they were supporting a homegrown brand from New Zealand! And then, of course, the product is beautiful. It’s packed with powerful ingredients, it’s light, it gently melts into the skin and the natural fragrance is very refreshing and uplifting. It was a super easy decision to launch at MECCA and we are looking forward to our partnership.”

Syrene’s Aqua range profound efficacy is derived from seaweed extracts including Ephemer. Rich in antioxidant properties, helping with skin elasticity and contributing to the protection of the skin, slowing the formation of free radicals responsible for ageing. Other key ingredients include Marine Collagen, Kawakawa, L22, Manuka Honey, Black Fern and Pohutukawa extract – all working in synergy for a dewy, supple and glowing complexion.

Syrene is now available online at MECCA

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