Manuka Doctor's ApiClear Purifying Face Mask

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Face Mask.
Manuka Doctor's new ApiClear Purifying Face Mask has been created to help deal with annoying blemishes and balance your skin so it looks its best, especially if you've been overdoing it or are feeling stressed and breaking out. Face masks are a great way to give your skin an extra pampering and a good excuse to enjoy a little 'me time' too which we're always a fan of. Whether you're relaxing on the couch or having a bath on the weekend, you can let the face mask do the work and be rewarded with glowing skin which is definitely win-win.
If you're not regularly using one, face masks should be regularly added to your skincare routine after you've cleansed, and the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Face Mask takes the cleansing process to a whole new level. It's designed to deep clean your skin and remove the daily impurities that are hidden below the top layers of skin. It helps to improve your skin's circulation too as well as improving the appearance of pores and making your skin feel healthy and perfectly balanced.
Manuka Honey (which is anti-bacterial) and Purified Bee Venom form the core ingredients of this new mask and make for a potent combination of enzymes, peptides and amino acids that are effective on all levels of the skin. Manuka Doctor’s clinically proven patented Purified Bee Venom is also an effective alternative treatment to antibiotic therapy for those looking to treat acne. The mask also contains Grape Seed Oil which is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants to help clean pores and create even skin tone. Aloe Vera Juice helps reduce redness and remove excess oil and dirt from the skin, and lastly Witch Hazel and Kaolin Clay help to draw the impurities from the skin. The combination of these great ingredients means the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Face Mask will have your complexion looking radiant and smoother in no time.
Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Face Mask is available now for RRP $49.95
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