Mana Dave on hair

What is your background?

I've been a hairstylist for 10 years now and I am very privileged to have an amazing career that allows me to meet great clients and stylists, while traveling both around New Zealand and internationally. In that timeframe I've been fortunate to have achieved success in some of New Zealand's premier hairdressing competitions including the L'Oreal Colour Trophy and Hair Expo New Zealand hairdresser of the year.

My real specialty is colour and it's something I'm very passionate about. This passion has enabled me to also work as an international artist for Redken, presenting workshops and hair shows in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand for the past five years sharing with other stylists the latest trends and techniques for hair colour.

Most recently I was selected to be on the international design team for Redken Creates 2008' Redken's hair collection that was launched globally earlier this year.

Tell us about the blaze concept?

Blaze is a 'living and breathing entity'. It's a meeting place for people searching for creativity, enthusiasm and the opportunity to 'be all that they can be'. It's about being valued and receiving value. Blaze is an experience.

What are the biggest trends for hair colour this winter?

Sexy super shiny hair. Cooler tones for the guys' titanium blonde tones and more neutral browns. For the girls think rich, luxurious tones in browns, coppers and reds with lots of wow factor and softer blondes in creams, blushes and latte inspired shades.

What are the biggest trends for cuts this winter?

Fringes and texture are the most adaptable and wearable trends this season. Fringes are great because they draw attention to the eyes, but one fringe definitely does not suit all – it has to be tailored to your unique face shape.

Texture, whether curly, wavy or straight creates dimension and body so it's key to have a style that suits the unique texture of your hair, and if you really want to take it to the next level, then bring on the hot tools! Straightening irons, curling tongs, crimpers and hot rollers' feel the heat of winter!

What is your number one, never fail hair product?

Hairspray, especially Redken's Workforce No.9 spray. It's humidity resistant, so it will buffer your hair against Auckland's crazy humidity, it will give you enough hold without making your hair look and feel like a helmet, and if you're going from the office to the bar, you can spray it into the roots to give it a quick boost.

What is biggest mistake people make when it comes to hair?

Selecting a hairstyle that doesn't suit their hair type and lifestyle. The reality is that most things are possible with your hair in terms of achievable looks, but the further you move away from your natural texture and hair colour, the more high maintenance your hairstyle becomes.

As a hairdresser, if a client wants a new look, do you prefer them to arrive with pictures to give you an idea of what they want, or do you prefer to work with the client to come up with a cut and colour that will suit them, rather than try and recreate a celebrity haircut?

It's really about tailoring the service to the specific client sitting in that chair. The biggest part of a hairstylist's job is communication' lots of listening and interpreting. Pictures really do speak a thousand words – they are a visual tool and most hairstylists are 'visual' people, so this can make it easier for the client to communicate their thoughts and ideas to the stylist.

It is then the job of the hairstylist to take that picture and reinterpret it for the client – what exactly is it about the look that the client is drawn to? how to tailor the colour and the shape to suit the client's face shape and skin tone and how to make that style achievable for the client without them having to hire their own entourage to help them!

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