MAC Releases The Good Luck Trolls

Pieces from MAC’s Good Luck Trolls collection.

You might have noticed one of your favourite childhood toys has been experiencing a revival. Much cuter than the internet variation, Trolls are back this year with a big-screen debut and in the beauty world, thanks to MAC. The Good Luck Trolls collection launches in New Zealand today and is here for a strictly limited time. We don’t think these nostalgic pieces will be around for long so be quick if you don’t want to miss out. With rainbow coloured packaging and sparkles aplenty, it’s a beauty lover’s delight…

Here’s some pieces you can’t miss from this collection:

Lipstick in Dance Off, Pants Off ($44) – Don’t let the frosted finish put you off this hot-pink hue. It does not have that Tin-Man quality that frosted lipsticks from years gone by seem to have. In fact, the sheen to this pink helps to make it a bit more daytime friendly. It pairs perfectly with the lipglass pictured as well.

Beauty Powder in Glow Rida ($55) – We don’t think many people will be able to resist this hot pink, Troll embossed compact, it’s simply beautiful. MAC’s beauty powders are a bit of a multi purpose product. You can use them as an all-over face powder, a highlighter, even an eyeshadow. This beige powder is injected with the subtlest hint of glitter. If you’re not a fan of the heavy highlight, this may be the powder for you.

Reflects Glitter in Reflects Transparent Teal ($52) -The Troll world is all about fun and there’s crazy colour and glitter aplenty in this collection to embrace that. Reflects Glitter is another multi-use product from MAC but we like to use this on top of eyeshadows for extra iridescence. If you’re a bit more daring, you could use this as an illuminator on the collarbone or the cheeks.

Lipglass in Bubble Butt ($42)-Another product that’s going to be hard to resist in all its glitter-filled glory. MAC’s lipglasses are some of the most non-tacky, sticky glosses out there and for that we rate them highly. Bubble Butt, a bright magenta with blue and pink glitters is stunning. It pairs perfectly with the lipstick pictured and is such a fun colour to wear.

Good Luck Trolls is available from MAC Pro Britomart, MAC St Lukes, Farmers Centre Place, Farmers Westfield Queensgate, Westfield Riccarton and H&J Smith in Dunedin.

– By Sophie Putze from Nana Wintour.

Images supplied.

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