LUSH launches new foam-tastic collection

Lush new shower range

LUSH has a new range of shower products. Image supplied.

One of our favourite, sustainable, environmentally friendly beauty brands – LUSH has just launched a range of new foam-tastic shower products created with a mixture of luxurious, benefit-laden ingredients.

As always, the range offers something for everyone with their latest collection offering shower jellies – a versatile alternative to soaps and shower gels. You can cut them up into a single wash sized cube, squish them onto a shower pouf for the ultimate thick, creamy lather or simply message them directly onto your body.

The new range includes this super sweet jelly treat- Conga! No need to form a line to experience the fabulously foamy washes of this wibbly treat. Brightening raspberry juice and vanilla absolute add a sweet note, while almond milk ensures skin feels hydrated.

The range also includes Twilight. Turn down the volume and allow your senses to wander and explore the twilight zone as soothing lavender oil and warming tonka absolute wrap you in a comforting blanket. Gentle carrageenan extract-lathers soften. Lather up with this otherworldly jelly that leaves a sweet musky fragrance on the skin. Benzoin resinoid relaxes and soothes the mind as your skin enjoys its protective properties.

There’s even a new range of tantalising shower oils which are perfect for sensitive skin types and could be used as the last step in your shower routine to give your skin an added moisture boost. Our faves include the Coco Loco, cleanse and soften skin with hydrating coconut oil and coconut flour sourced from regeneration and conservation projects in Indonesia. With a tropical trio of Brazilian orange oil, coconut cream and lemongrass oil, you’ll be feeling sunny and bright in no time.

Then, of course, LUSH have got their ranges of shower scrubs like the Easy Peeler, this “apeeling” scrub blends uplifting citrus, natural exfoliators and beautiful butters together in one gloriously naked handful. Buff over wet skin in the bath or shower to vitamin C what all the fuss is about!

Finally, you’ll find all sorts of new naked shower gels and soaps, including a twist on the cult-favourite “Sleepy.” When you’re feeling a little under the weather, float off to dreamland on this lavender cloud. An oat milk base gives this soap a gentle, creamy lather, while kaolin clay cleanses and buffs the skin. Sleepy soap is a soporific brew brimming with lavender lullabies and tranquil tonka. Spellbinding ylang ylang oil lifts spirits and eases anxieties, toning the skin and helping you to unwind after a hard day. Each soap is poured by hand meaning every marbled cloud is unique.

12 out of 16 of their new products are completely naked, so for those of you who are all about the plastic-free, package-free movement then these are perfect for you.

So indulge and treat yourself, the environment and your body will thank you for it. You can check out the full range from LUSH here.

Lush new shower range

Lush new shower range

Lush new shower range

Images supplied.

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