Luscious lashes with Semi-permanent mascara

Semi-permanent mascara is the latest trend in lash treatments, and Black Belt in Beauty is Christchurch’s first salon to receive the Elleebana Cosmetics SPM treatment.


Lucky enough to visit the delightful Kirsty of Black Belt in Beauty to trial the ‘natural’ tint of this treatment, I was very impressed with the results. The SPM treatment is a coating of mascara that is smudge-proof, waterproof and lasts for at least three weeks.



The Elleebana SPM is also designed to be hypoallergenic, which is great for people like me who has had allergic reactions to mascaras in the past.

It is recommended to remove contact lenses before the treatment, but I didn’t and I was absolutely fine.  If you have sensitive eyes, definitely remove them for safety’s sake. The treatment begins by placing hydrating collagen eye pads under the eyes. This heps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and separates the lower lashes. Next, Kirsty applied a primer to my top lashes, dehydrating the lashes to make the mascara bond better.

My lashes were then separated and the formula was applied. The process was repeated on my bottom lashes, and it all took only 20 minutes. I love that the treatment goes on your lower lashes as well, as it is the mascara on my bottom lashes that always smudges. The SPM can be used in conjunction with lash growth serums or lash extensions (also offered by Black Belt in Beauty) to add extra volume, but for everyday wear I’m happy with using just the SPM alone.


Image courtesy of Black Belt in Beauty 


You can also wear mascara on top of it for that extra lift, but I felt it wasn’t necessary. Applying mascara is an art form requiring serious concentration in the mornings to ensure you don’t stab yourself in the eye or end up with mascara flecks everywhere. The SPM lets me skip this process in the mornings. Now, I simply dust the sleep out of my lashes and I’m ready!

I’ve been to the beach, I’ve been running, and I’ve worn more mascara on top of my SPM – and not once has it smudged. The SPM has serious staying power, but be careful not to let oil-based products come in contact, as it will de-bond the mascara. If you would like to fully remove the SPM, Black Belt in Beauty offers a complimentary de-bonding service as well.

This treatment is the ultimate in lash convenience – it takes 20 minutes of relaxation at the beautician to save precious time battling with your mascara wand. If you’re lucky enough to escape winter via some tropical destination, definitely book in for this smudge and water-proof SPM over packing waterproof mascara.

The treatment is only $50 at Black Belt in Beauty in Christchurch, and bookings with the lovely ladies there can be made by calling 03 351 7214.


– Anny Ma

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