Lorna Jane introduces innovative new Eco range

Lorna Jane Eco range

Activewear from Lorna Jane’s new Eco range. Images supplied.

Popular activewear brand, Lorna Jane, has just released a new Eco range with garments made from recycled fabrics produced from PET plastic bottles. The brand has long been synonymous with designing innovative fashion and these new products offer a sustainable version of Lorna Jane’s Nothing 2 C Here (zero transparency) fabric that is always in demand for the brand.

It’s part of Lorna Jane’s commitment to sustainability which will see the brand continue to introduce new initiatives throughout 2020 and beyond. Founder Lorna Jane Clarkson has spent three decades learning, evolving, listening and reacting to customer’s needs and the needs of society as whole, and she understands the need to preserve the resources of our planet and contribute as little waste to landfill as possible.

“At Lorna Jane we believe that sustainability is not a luxury, but the future and as a company we will continue to push boundaries to ensure that our planet is as healthy as the women that wear our products,” says Lorna Jane Clarkson.

Among the initiatives for this year is to reduce the waste the the brand has experienced with the removeable padding in their sports bras. It turns out that nearly 70% of customers were removing the padding and disposing of it so now customers will be offered the choice if they want it or not to start with and less padding waste will go to landfill this way, as every little bit makes a difference.

Lorna Jane is also committed to using more sustainable and ethical fabrics that have less of an environmental impact. Among those is TENCEL which requires less energy and water than most other fabrics, they are also using linen and recycled fabrics wherever possible. The recycled version of their Nothing 2 C Here (zero transparency) fabric is an exciting development for the brand and means that for every pair of tights made, ten plastic bottles are removed from landfill.

This year sees the brand also pledging to go completely single-use plastic bag free with Lorna Jane opting for online packaging that will be corn starch based and fully compostable. They have been paving the way by providing customers with reusable shopping bags with their purchases since 2011 but from now on there will be no plastic bags produced within the global company at all.

“I believe it’s the small decisions we make every day that create change and we are committed to our planet and all of the people who live here,” adds Lorna Jane. “Our drive for the future is to do better and ensure that our communities, planet and environment are given the care and respect that they deserve.”

Lorna Jane Eco range

Images supplied.

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