Lonely releases maternity lingerie

Lonely maternity lingerie

Lonely’s new maternity lingerie. Images supplied.

Lonely have been winning our hearts with their beautiful collections and inspiring ideas for years now and their latest offering is a lovely release of maternity pieces. The new lingerie was ‘born out of a desire to nurture women going through one of the most intensely beautiful – and intensely challenging – periods of their lives’ and are as functional as they are gorgeous.

Lonely’s customers have been requesting maternity lingerie that reflects the brand’s unique aesthetic and founder Helene Morris is delighted to be able to offer these winsome pieces that are female-focused and designed with mothers in mind. “Motherhood is a time when women give over their bodies and a large part of their identity to another being” says Helene. “Lingerie requirements can often feel symbolic of this process. Lonely Maternity is designed to make mothers feel beautiful and special at a time when they’re often forced to compromise their choices.”

The brand want to help support mothers on their journey and the maternity pieces are created with the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness that is at the heart of Lonely. As the nature of motherhood means these bras are likely to be seen by other people more often than most bras they have been designed to help women confidently look and feel their best.

Lonely Maternity consists of the Bonnie Maternity Bra, the Bonnie Crop and the Bonnie High Waist Brief and is available at Lonely stores, stockists and online now.

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