Lonely Hearts' FW installation!

What is Your Damage? Autumn/Winter 2010


Since their debut at the Verge Designer Breakthrough show in 2005, Lonely Hearts have built up a reputation as one of the most exciting names at Air NZ Fashion Week.

Previous showings have ranged from an offbeat installation at ECC lighting in 2006, to the slick catwalk productions of the past two years.

Each event has been marked by inspired collaborations, original ideas and flawless execution – leading Marie Claire UK to name Lonely Hearts as “One of the hottest designers and coolest trendsetters from around the globe”.

On Monday, September 21st lonely hearts exceeded this reputation with the debut of “What is Your Damage”; an interdisciplinary film collaboration between the renowned fashion label and Auckland artist Tim Van Dammen.

Lonely Hearts' FW installation

Lonely Hearts: What is Your Damage
from Nik Riviera on Vimeo.

Getting people out of the house at nine-pm on a Monday is quite the testament to popularity, and hundreds of Lonely Hearts fans poured in to the PROCESS showroom for this early Fashion Week highlight.

What is Your Damage was set up as a large-scale installation of circle of twelve flat-screen LG televisions shrouded by streaming curtains of VHS tape. Upon stepping inside guests were ensconsed in a visual merry-go-round where beautiful waifs appeared to wander dreamily from screen-to-screen.

Styled by Australian fashion dynamo, Imogene Barron, the film perfectly conveyed the haunting lightness of Lonely Hearts winter 2010 collection. Inspired by doomsday cults, innocent minds and the notion of “Sunday best”, the range has a soft luminosity that is punctuated by dark, raw elements.

After viewing the film, guests from the fashion, film, design and music worlds mingled over Asahi beer, 2600 Vodka cocktails, Aroha presse and Morton Estate Wine.

When the event eventually wrapped up, guests left in the knowledge that the standard for ANZFW 09 had been set. By seamlessly pairing a killer range with a high-art concept, Lonely Hearts not only out-did themselves, but challenged the way a fashion collection should be presented.

What is Your Damage is now available to view online at http://myhartboutique.blogspot.com or to experience the actual installation visit the PROCESS showroom – Suit 2 – 58 Surrey Crescent – Grey Lynn Wednesday 23rd – Friday 25th September – 9am-6.30pm xx

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