Lizzie Snow from fortyonehundred on her collaboration with Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt X fortyonehundred collab

The new Blunt Umbrellas design by fortyonehundred. Image by Paul Levy Photo.

Blunt Umbrellas recently released a stunning new design that is a collaboration with fortyonehundred aka talented New Zealand visual artist Lizzie Snow. Lizzie is currently based in Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, which is ruggedly beautiful and has spectacular natural scenery. Her artwork is inspired by fractals in nature and Lizzie’s Blunt Umbrella design is a reminder of connection; between the rain falling, with the soul in the middle, grounded to the earth below.

The design is available in a limited edition Metro Blunt umbrella which is available to shop online now for $119. To celebrate the release of her design Lizzie created this gorgeous imagery which was shot by Paul Levy Photo and showcases her detailed design out and about in a Canadian park held by the artist herself.

We caught up with Lizzie to find out more about her design, what the process of creating it was like and what her goals are for the future?

What made you become a visual artist and how did you get into it?
I’ve always been creative – in my way of thinking but through practice too; drawing, painting, design, photography, music. In my undergrad I studied design but throughout that degree I knew I wanted to pursue my artwork as a career. It seemed impossible but I am determined, entrepreneurial and love a challenge. I then attained a Master of Fine Arts degree, leading on to become a full-time artist. Having that background in design has been really helpful, especially when it comes to collaborations and the full scope of running a business. I continue to explore and learn each day and am loving every moment!

How did the collaboration with Blunt come about and what was the process of creating your design like?
Collaborating with Blunt has been something I’ve imagined, hoped for and manifested for a good few years. So when I woke up to an out-of-the-blue email from their team I was ecstatic. I started drawing in an iterative process, trying out different styles and layouts to see the effect on the umbrella. We narrowed it down and together we chose this fractal-inspired free-flowing artwork. The design was then mirrored and rotated upon the umbrella panels, resulting in the fortyonehundred Blunt Umbrella!

How did you feel when you saw the finished result for the first time?
Receiving the first umbrella sample was a breath-taking moment. In the design process you know what it will look like, but then seeing and holding the actual umbrella – there’s nothing quite like seeing a project come to life. The team at Blunt are awesome to work with and the response to our collaboration has been amazing.

What inspires you?
I find inspiration in architecture, music and yogic principles. However, the main inspiration for my artwork are fractals – the ever-repeating patterns found throughout our natural universe. You can see examples of fractals in lightning bolts, leaf veins, seashells, river paths, our nervous system, everywhere. I find that once you’re tuned into seeing fractals you notice them everywhere. In my work, fractals represent the unity of humans and nature. I create my artwork as inquiry into the weaving of consciousness between the planet and our own existence.

What are your goals for the future?
My overall goal is purely to grow, develop and enjoy my artwork – conceptually and technically. It’s a lifetime journey! In terms of specific goals, I’ll share a few. I have a dream of creating a full wrap design for an Air New Zealand plane. I’d love to collaborate with Karen Walker, Smeg, Gorman and Paper Blanks. Another goal is to keep painting larger and larger murals, working towards being able to paint entire building faces. So many ideas, so many possibilities. I’m grateful for everything that’s happened, the projects I’m working on currently, and all the opportunities to come in the future.

Blunt X fortyonehundred collab

Blunt X fortyonehundred collab

Blunt X fortyonehundred collab

Images by Paul Levy Photo.

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