Levi’s Authorised Vintage launches at Playpark by Karen Walker

Levi’s Authorised Vintage launches Wednesday 18th July at Playpark by Karen Walker. Images supplied.

Iconic denim brand Levi’s have launched their very own sustainable, scalable, vintage business for the first time in the brand’s history. They’ve curated worn in and pre-loved denim from the ’70s, ’80s and 90s that will be available exclusively in NZ at Playpark by Karen Walker in Newmarket, Auckland.

Levi’s Authorised Vintage is fascinating in the way that it reveals the evolution of the Levi’s brand over its long history. As denim is one of the few textiles that gets better with age it’s only fitting that these pieces get new lives and live on. It’s a great example of conscious consumption and as Levi’s has such classic style these pieces easily work with modern wardrobes and are styled here with current Karen Walker pieces.

The range came about via a chance encounter outside a trade show in 2016, when Levi’s president James Curleigh met Jeff Fuller. Fuller was a denim-obsessed vintage collector – with a collection of 65,000 pairs of made in the U.S.A. Levi’s denim. This collection lay undisturbed for 20 years after the closing of Fuller’s Santa Monica vintage store. The original pieces have now been authorised and laundered, with some careful retooling by Levi’s master tailors and released as Levi’s Authorised Vintage.

A hand-picked selection including authorised Levi’s 501s and Trucker Jackets are available exclusively at Playpark by Karen Walker from Wednesday 18th July.

Levi's Authorised Vintage

Levi's Authorised Vintage at Playpark

Levi's Authorised Vintage at Playpark

Images supplied.

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