Leonardo Skincare Product Review

Leonardo Skincare range that was trialed.


Leonardo, by Face your Face, has recently launched a new skincare range for men focussed largely on facial grooming. Noted within their own literature as 'Grooming gifts for men', 'Unique personal care' and drawing connection to nature through Da Vinci's own words that are oft quoted within the packaging.


Each product is received in a blatantly recyclable card box, with selections of the great artist's sketches headlining product labels. Starkly white upon rustic browns, a flash of red typography picking out Leonardo, the lauded lack of parabens and Face your Face.


The only critique I could call upon the packaging would be the subdued typeface used throughout, which appears reticent by choice, when aligned with the great artist himself. Reaching for a pragmatism, lacking complexity, harking to a sense of simplicity which the products aspire to in their own natural element.


As a row of objects, the arrayed bottles and pots present themselves stoutly, functionally and without flair. Vintage remedy bottle shapes of brown glass, next to alluminium containers and caps. Black accents from tops and dispensers complete a range that unequivocally reclaims male bathroom shelf space, pushing back upon feminine ware of multi-hued curved cannisters and ever present thickets of bobby pins, should your bathroom be shared.


When one reviews the ingredients, for they truly are, given recognisable names found within my favoured styles of cooking. Leonardo Skincare has combined many notable essences and elements from; Juniper, Rosemary, Berry, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Thyme, Nutmeg, Hops and even Mistletoe. All bound together in creams, balms and gels across the range. You definitely become aware that Leonardo Skincare may have gone beyond the lab and into the wilds as it were.


When you are reviewing your facial structure post use like another famous Italian artist would gaze upon marbled manliness and name it David, an incense like air of masucline tones radiates. Something my better half noted within moments of crossing my path.


On the topic of using the products, I soon realised to get best results, as with any dedicated shaving family of creams; you have to return to the ritual of the shave and not rush through the track record attempt that is the lot of a harried office minion aiming to beat morning rush hour. No, Leonardo definitely resides in the time taken era.


Steaming, then washing the jawline in preparation, I apply the softly lathering shave cream (or lightly frothing Shaving Gel) to begin a careful and methodical application of my preferred, classic style razor (no plastic here thank you). For my part, I am not 'fortunate' to easily achieve the hallmark five o'clock, but with lighter beard and more sensitive skin, poor quality creams irritate quickly. No such malady here.


Afterward when complete, the After Shave Balm is a welcome conclusion. There is the moisturiser, which I found caused a slightly tautness on my face, just not enough for my demanding skin type, though I would recommend if of a slightly oilier complexion.


Am I happy to have trialed Leonardo? Most certainly. An accomplished series of initial offerings, perhaps let down by the moisturiser (though this is a personal point), I would recommend these as gifts or a new addition to established regimes; the unique and notable scent of the range certainly garners comment and through use, the slower pace engenders a greater respect for looking one's best.


– By Sebastian Stuart

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