Learn pattern making with R.M. Studio


Pattern making classes begin in July with R.M. Studio. Image supplied.

Designer Rachel Mills has set up R.M. Studio to teach sewing skills in a series of workshops beginning with pattern making in early July. Mills wants to share her love of sustainable fashion and teach people how things are made so they can appreciate what goes into making clothing that lasts.

“As a whole, I would love to see the fashion industry shift toward a slower model, where garments are valued for their quality and substance,” says Mills. “Fast fashion has robbed the industry of the value behind a garment; not only monetary value but also what it’s worth in terms of materials, effects on the environment and effects on those who make them. I want to see this value restored, and I figure if more people are educated on the skill that goes into making a garment, maybe it can be restored.”

Mills herself really enjoys teaching and having recently left full-time work to focus on her own label is keen to share her skills and help those interested in making their own clothes or furthering their skills in the fashion industry. Here in New Zealand there is an increasing shortage of technically skilled people which is something Mills would like to change.

“Starting with something very small, I would also love to see a resurgence in skill based jobs in the industry,” adds Mills. “Everyone wants to be a designer, but no one wants to make the patterns or sew the garments. If you can design, pattern-make and sew, the three skills will work together to create much more intelligent design. The amount of skilled businesses within the fashion industry (makers, dyers, pleaters, cutters, etc) are becoming less and less, due to offshore manufacturing. We need more people making locally, to maintain what is left. My goal is to spark a new interest in people, who can then go on to work in the industry.”

R.M. Studio pattern making workshops begin on 3rd July and run for five weeks. Further info is available here.

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