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Jane Mow’s styling work in Laud magazine. Image supplied.

Curious to learn more about what a fashion stylist does and how to become one? Experienced fashion stylist Jane Mow is offering an exciting new online workshop on June 10th, 11th and 14th for those with a keen interest in fashion styling. Jane has designed the workshop for anyone who’s wanting a change in career paths but not sure where to start or those in university or high school who are interested in learning more. The workshop would also be beneficial for other creatives like hair and makeup artists who’d like to add another skill set to their professional repertoire.

Jane is a successful fashion stylist, creative director and designer originally from Auckland but currently based in Sydney, Australia with over a decades’ worth of experience to share. Known for her versatility and multifaceted skill set, Jane’s work can be seen across a number of creative platforms including fashion editorials, runway, look books, print advertising, music videos, television and social media. She has worked as Head Stylist at Sky TV (NZ), Fashion Editor at Mindfood Magazine and Mindfood Style and Creative Director & Designer for luxury sleepwear label Willa & Mae. Her artistry and vision at Willa & Mae has propelled the brand to an international stage with Jane’s menswear-inspired designs gracing the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, RUSSH and Manrepeller.

“I remember getting a call from a parent a few years back, wanting advice for her daughter who was interested in getting into the styling world. She said “It looks really glamorous, but do you make any money. Is it a realistic career path? “Another person called me a few years later wanting to get into Personal Styling but didn’t know where to get started. I believe there’s a gap in the market for fashion experts sharing their knowledge and just helping people get started. Aren’t we all in this journey together? I have a passion in educating and sharing my knowledge with the next generation,” enthuses Jane Mow.

Jane Mow’s styling work in Mindfood Style magazine.

She has created a 4-step programme on how to become a fashion stylist, complete with branding, website and marketing. The programme specialises in these different areas: Fashion and Editorial Styling (Magazine/Online Publication), Runway Styling, Television Styling, Advertising Styling, Celebrity Styling and Personal Styling. The first workshop on June 10th is to get clarity on a strategy of how to make styling a business. It’s more a strategy session to find out what area of styling you want to focus your energy on, tailored to your personality and the lifestyle you want. For example; not many people want the hectic-ness of a fashion or runway stylist and prefer to head down a more calmer business approach of a personal stylist. Everything comes down to what your strengths are and what fuels you creatively whilst making sure you’re monetising. She will also help you break down strategy/goals for the next 12 months, and what actions you need to implement to achieve those goals and go through how to create the right portfolio to be successful in each area of styling.

Within the ticket price is entry into the Incubator Programme. It’s a locked private Facebook group where people who’ve attended the workshop can ask Jane advice after the workshop for the next six months. “You tend to go to these workshops, walk away pumped and excited but then after a week, things tend to get tough and you have no one to talk to. The incubator group is a support and accountability platform so people can get their dreams off the ground,” adds Jane. She has found that it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people and a support network. It can be a very lonely road, sometimes you need someone to talk to, and point you in the right direction. Jane is available to workshop participants over six months so you can pick her brains and get things done! She will also be sharing relevant content and holding Facebook Live videos into the group on Sundays where people can ask her questions.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from one of New Zealand’s top stylists.

Key information:
Date: 10th, 11th & 14th June, 2017
Price: $139 (includes $50 subscription to a private incubator group, private access to Jane Mow for 6 months to help you get started in the styling world).

Tickets are available from Eventbrite and you can also find out more on Facebook.

Jane Mow’s styling work for Icebreaker.

Images supplied.

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