Kylie Cooke's Celebration of Contrasts Styling Tips

As part of this, Kylie has put together her top ten tips for creating and using contrasts in your fashion look. Check out her tips below!

1) Contrast is all about mixing up colour, prints, patterns and texture. Soft and hard with sheer and floaty.

2) When it comes to sheer and floaty stick to modern shapes and simple silhouettes, and wear them with tough chunky heels.

3) Paper thin leather with sheer or fine fabrics mixed with utility chic like camouflage prints give you an urban chic look.

4) Mixing “neutral patterns” like stripes and checks, pair formal blazers with casual dresses. Match denim with denim.

5) Make the little black dress more wearable for daytime with a layer like a shirt for a modern take.

6) Leopard and lace are a directional combination.

7) Mixing sequins with lustrous fabric like velvet.

8) Floral prints and stripes are an easy and classic combination to get contrast. The trick is to only have one of them be the hero.

9) Remember: Horizontal lines make you look wider not slimmer and vertical stripes will make you slimmer and elongate the body.

10) Most importantly, clothes are an extension of your personality, so have fun with them!

Plus, check out FashioNZ ed Nat's interview with Kylie Cooke here!

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