Kristine Crabb from Miss Crabb and Rachel Mills on the demand for ethical fashion

Kristine Crabb podcast

Designer Kristine Crabb from Miss Crabb. Image supplied.

More consumers are aware of shopping ethically than ever before and it’s something that designers Kristine Crabb from Miss Crabb and Rachel Mills each consider an important part of their businesses. In an age where the mass consumption of fast fashion and harsh chemicals from the production process have hugely contributed to overflowing landfills and pollution, each designer talked to Sonia Sly from Radio New Zealand’s My Heels Are Killing Me podcast about being part of the ethical revolution.



Rachel Mills

Designer Rachel Mills in her studio. Image supplied.

My Heels Are Killing Me

Sonia Sly goes behind the scenes of the fashion industry to find out what exists beyond its glamorous façade.

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