Kowtow launches thoughtful Material Matters collection

Kowtow Material Matters

Kowtow has launched an educational collection called Material Matters. Image supplied.

Kowtow have launched a thoughtful new collection called Material Matters which is designed to be educational. They’ve intended Material Matters as a double entendre in this context to refer to the industry matters surrounding material production and it’s environmental impact, as well as an emphasis on education surrounding material innovation. With this collection Kowtow encourages the consumer to look deeper into the materials we wear everyday.

Led by founder, Gosia Piatek, Kowtow have been on a learning journey for over 15 years while they strive to do things as mindfully and ethically as possible. Material Matters is the culmination of the brand’s knowledge-gathering and celebrates cotton as the core of Kowtow’s designs. While they have utilised several materials over the years the most regenerative and forgiving is cotton.

The cotton that Kowtow choose to use is organic cotton which is a natural, biodegradable and renewable resource grown from non-genetically modified seeds, without harmful chemicals. It requires less water to grow than conventional cotton, and is rain-fed, hand-picked and processed using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) allowed inks and dyes. By using this natural fibre in this way Kowtow take further steps to a more sustainable planet.

Inspired by the women of Bauhaus, Material Matters is Kowtow’s interpretation of studying nature to inform design. The accompanying moving media and imagery for the campaign drew from filmmaker Wes Anderson’s recognisable visual style while the creative cues are a solemn reference to Kowtow’s efforts to explore all avenues of material innovation, eventually arriving at the final destination of cotton.

Kowtow Material Matters

Kowtow Material Matters

Images supplied.

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