Kiwi brand MEO offer effective face masks for the whole family

MEO face masks

MEO make a range of face masks suitable for the whole family. Images supplied.

Face masks have become an essential accessory this year and Kiwi company MEO™ is a go-to brand for their innovative masks that are comfortable, well designed and breathable. MEO launched their face masks in 2017 after developing a unique wool filter called Helix Filter that is created using scientifically selected New Zealand sheep wool.

The combination of the mask’s distinctive shape and unique wool filter reduces the build-up of moisture and heat which is common with other face masks and makes MEO masks much more comfortable to wear. The specially designed filters also have extended particle capture ability which means a superior performance that is backed by science.

MEO’s Helix Filter is also sustainable and uses wool from specifically bred sheep in Wanaka. Wool is naturally biodegradable and when left in damp environments such as soil, wool will naturally decompose and can be kept out of landfill. MEO’s face masks also take advantage of the electrostatic properties of the inner core of wool fibres to filter out 99.9% of airborne bacteria and 99.8% of PM 0.1 fine particles. It also effectively filters out pollen, mould and dust mites and can reduce respiratory allergies including hay fever, allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma so you can breathe easier.

The MEO Lite reusable masks are created with comfort as a priority and are ergonomically designed in three sizes (small, medium and large) to mould to your face. They also feature a handy adjustable nasal clip to help you get the fit just right. MEO Kids masks are an ideal size for children and are also reusable. They are one size fits all and have an easy to adjust nasal clip too.

MEO face masks

Fashionable face masks by MEO.

MEO understand that while face masks are a requirement for health and safety reasons, mask wearers also want to look good too. Which is why the brand have cleverly designed their reusable face masks to have interchangeable outer covers (8 for MEO Lite and 4 for MEO Kids) so you can make your mask work with your outfit if you desire. MEO did a collaboration with Karen Walker in 2018 and 2019 who designed a now sold-out range of face masks that paired chic design with practical functionality.

The outer covers of both MEO Lite and MEO Kids can be handwashed in warm water using a gentle soap and are best left to dry naturally, don’t put them in the dryer. The filters are easily removed and can be replaced as needed.

The brand also offers a range of colours and prints in their MEO X disposable masks with options available for the whole family. MEO’s disposable masks are lightweight and provide the same protection against air pollutants and bacteria as MEO’s reusable masks. They are a convenient alternative for wearing indoors and outside. MEO X face masks have elastic ear straps and an adjustable noseband and are designed to fit well under personal protective equipment including goggles and glasses if required. To add an extra layer of comfort every MEO X mask is infused with a New Zealand manuka oil extract too.

MEO face masks are designed to meet one or more global testing standards, including New Zealand testing standard for respiratory protective devices AS/NZS 1716:2012, international recognised KN95 standard, and medical mask standard ASTM F2100.  You can buy them online at

This story is brought to you in partnership with MEO.

MEO face masks

Images supplied.

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