Kiss your bad habits goodbye with Karen Murrell

Karen Murrell kiss your bad habits goodbye

Karen Murrell has launched a new campaign to help women “break up” with their bad habits. Image supplied.

Karen Murrell has partnered up with Life Pharmacy, Green Cross Health and Priceline to present their latest campaign launching this month called “Kiss Your Bad Habits Goodbye.”

The new campaign features three strong, influential women– Rebecca Van Leeuwen @soulsistercircle, Sunniva Holt @sunnivaholt and Jane Lowe @theyogaconnection, “breaking up” with their bad habits and taking a stand for what is good for them. This important message behind Karen Murrell’s new campaign has come to fruition in an effort to help women understand and care about what beauty products they are using and applying to their bodies.

Some studies have estimated that women can apply around 150 chemicals onto their bodies by the time they are out the door in the morning, which is a shocking number. With our skin being porous, it absorbs everything we apply onto it deep into its many layers and harmful toxins are ingested via lipstick use, with the average women said to consume upwards of one kilo of lipstick in their lifetime!

Karen Murrell and her team think women deserve better than to be polluting our bodies every day. Therefore every Karen Murrell lipstick is made naturally with avocado oil, evening primrose oil, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange and Karen Murrell only uses Mica and Iron Oxide pigments which are free from parabens, coal tar, carmine, mineral oils and triclosan. To top it all off, they are 100% free from any kind of animal testing, which makes them such a beautiful, natural brand to get behind.

As part of this new campaign, every customer will receive a Karen Murrell moisture stick with every purchase of a Karen Murrell lipstick at any Life Pharmacy, Unichem and Green Cross Health stockists as well as online to help you create healthier beauty habits.

Karen Murrell

Images supplied.

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