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Jenny Drury – Ketz-Ke


Launching in 2008, New Zealand clothing brand Ketz-ke is a classic example of Kiwi determination to turn a teenage passion into a multi-million dollar international fashion brand.

After the birth of her son, Jenny Drury decided it was time to set up her own company and the quirkily named Ketz-ke brand was born. 

Ketz-ke delivers a savvy combination of style and individuality at an extremely accessible price point.

“It’s all about responding to the growing demand for quality, casually modern clothing,” says Drury. “Ketz-ke sets you apart from the masses – I aim to make clothes that are easy to wear and get the wearer noticed.”

Since the first range launched in February 2008, Ketz-ke’s growth, even throughout the GFC, now see’s the brand stocked at 90 stores across New Zealand plus more than 230 stores in Australia, Rarotonga, the USA and Canada, with Japan being the latest country to fall for the Ketz-ke vision.



Summer 2013

“It took two years to crack this hugely desirable market. We persevered until we found a Japanese distributor who was a good fit with our brand,” Drury says. “The Japanese love that this is a New Zealand-designed label, and now that we’ve forged a relationship there is a lot of loyalty. We’re stocked mainly in Tokyo, and this is set to expand significantly over the next 12 months.”

Drury credits Ketz-ke’s success to her involvement in every aspect of the business, and a uniquely responsive relationship with her retailers. “I work closely with my stockists and speak to them often, ensuring I give them what they want in terms of price points, margins and marketing.”

Her formidable work ethic sees Drury making round-the-world trips to visit manufacturers and suppliers in 10 days, and she regards a good night’s sleep as “one where you get four hours in a row with your eyes shut.”

But then, as she observes, “in the fashion industry you can never sit back and say “I’ve made it”. It’s always changing and you have to keep on top of your game. I pour my heart and soul into every range, striving to make it better than the one before.”


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