Ketz-ke and Claybird release playful new collaboration

Ketz-ke x Claybird Ceramics

Jenny Drury from Ketz-ke and Yon Kavvas from Claybird have collaborated on ceramic serving plates. Image supplied.

Collaboration makes for unique results and a partnership between Ketz-ke founder and designer Jenny Drury and boutique ceramicist Yon Kavvas of Claybird has yielded exactly that with a fresh drop of serving plates. The two creatives collaborated on a stylish cake plate and mug late last year which quickly sold out and this new release has arrived just in time for winter entertaining.

Jenny is well known for her love of hosting and fun take on fashion so these playful new designs are a perfect fit for her beloved Ketz-ke brand. Claybird’s perfectly-imperfect hand casting means each plate is unique and has a signature infusion of sand from Waihi Beach at the foot of the Coromandel. The link to Waihi Beach is significant for both Jenny and Yon with each holding strong family ties to the area and complements their joint interest in seeking inspiration there.

The 28cm serving plates in ‘Splat’ and ‘Drip’ designs are available online now with each plate being hand cast and hand painted so numbers are limited. We caught up with Jenny and Yon to find out more about their stylish collaboration.

Can you tell us how this collaboration came about?
Jenny: I’m a long-time admirer of Yon’s work and often find myself purchasing her creations as gifts for friends or as a treat for myself. I loved the idea of partnering with another female-led Kiwi brand for a collab so I decided to reach out to see if Yon was interested, and she was! From the get-go we have been on the same page about everything which has made the whole process a breeze.

What is the process for creating each ceramic piece like?
Jenny: The design process has been very organic between Yon and I, combining the best of our unique skills! I’ve brought a taster of Ketz-ke’s signature prints to the pieces and Yon has made our ideas come to life with her magic making skills.

Yon: The making process is all about craftmanship for me with no two pieces ending up exactly the same. I handcraft everything in my studio in Auckland and the Ketz-ke x Claybird pieces feature an infusion of Waihi beach sand which makes them all the more special.

What inspired the splat and drip designs?
Jenny: I always design what I love and in the Ketz-ke ranges this means lots of bold prints so the splat and drip designs are an ode to that. I’m a bit of a foodie too and I wanted the plates to be a timeless accessory that would suit whatever was being served up so we went for a neutral palette that would only enhance whatever delicious morsel is placed on them.

Yon: We wanted these pieces to have a relaxed, unique and imperfect aesthetic – just like any of my Claybird creations – and I think the splat design especially does that so well.

What are your top hosting tips for entertaining at home?

  • Menu planning – consider how much time you have and the number of guests before deciding on the menu. My go-to dishes usually serves a large group without fuss.
  • Ambience – you want to make your guests feel welcomed and at ease. Creating a cosy environment is all in the details; table styling, music and lighting. Keep the lighting and music soft and style your table with beautiful serve ware, candles and flowers.
  • Relax and have fun – while it’s important to ensure your guests enjoy themselves, they’ll pick up the vibe from you so don’t stress the small stuff and make sure you’re having a good time! Prep as much as you can in advance so it’s really just finishing touches required once guests arrive.

Yon: I like to choose a chic theme when entertaining to keep things cohesive – it also makes choosing menus and styling so much easier! I love any excuse to get creative and make use of my latest ceramic creations so the theme will usually come from my latest designs.

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