Kayla Jurlina debuts vintage jewellery project for Homage

Kayla Jurlina Homage

Campaign image from Homage. Image supplied.

The ubiquitous looks from 80s and 90s fashion have made a resurgence over the past few years and this week talented creative, Kayla Jurlina, debuted her new project Homage, which is inspired by that nostalgia. Jurlina repurposed a vintage jewellery collection for Chapter One of Homage, which she envisions to be the first in a series of multi-disciplinary creative projects, devised by Jurlina and her peers. The jewellery was turned into a stunning invitation-only exhibition that was held at Gus Fisher Gallery on Wednesday night that included beautiful prints featuring the jewellery (photographed by Robert Hart of Shadowlands), the jewellery itself on display and creative displays of seafood and cereal.

Jurlina has released five of each of the prints (priced from $790) and some of the jewellery for sale on Homage’s website with the rest of the jewellery available for sale in regular drops every two weeks. The aim of the project is to breathe new life into the vintage jewels and we were curious to find out more about what inspired Jurlina and her vision for Homage.

Where did the idea for Homage come from and how did you decide on the name?
It all started with my partner’s mother Judith Slane. She bought an existing business called Glitz Collections in 1981 where she designed, imported and manufactured costume jewellery in Auckland plated in gold and silver. Amongst her creations were items sourced from Paris, Italy, America and Australia. I saw these amazing pieces gathering dust in storage until she held a workroom sale end of last year. Beautifully crafted, they just needed someone to unearth their relevance.

On a deeper level, the project is a tribute to the amazing women that have paved the way for me and my generation. One of my youngest memories was my mum doing housework wearing oversized 90s earrings and jewels. It was the same with my Baba (grandmother). Worn with an air of sophistication, these accessories carry a sense of nostalgia relatable to all the 80s or 90s babies or their mothers. I wanted to acknowledge that in one word and as I brainstormed with my partner Andrew Slane, Homage popped up, simple, elegant and direct. Homage was born.

Kayla Jurlina Homage

Jewellery from Kayla Jurlina’s first Homage project.

Why did you decide to present your first project for Homage as an exhibition?
I wanted to do something refreshingly different in New Zealand fashion, not the same old fashion show. This is a time I am at where I can be creative and make my own rules up. So I wanted to do something elegant and interactive. The exhibition was based on the 5 senses:


Where did the inspiration for the clever mixture of jewellery and food come from?
That is where I pulled inspiration from my family. My family is Croatian so any family time is always spent around a dinner table. A dinner table is the soul of a house so when I think of my family I think of food so it was only natural for me to shoot the jewellery in this form.

What are your favourite pieces from the jewellery collection?
I don’t have a favourite as there are so many pieces. I love them all for different occasions. The collection is made up of 400 pieces that range from clip-on earrings, pendants, brooches, necklaces and chains. The earrings are the focus as there are many more of these styles. The range is broken into collections that will drop every two weeks, they are made up of one off limited pieces.

Kayla Jurlina paying homage to the 80s and 90s (left) and inside her exhibition for Homage at the Gus Fisher Gallery (right). Left image supplied. Right image from Homage’s Instagram.

Have you always been drawn to earrings?
Yes, I always have been as my mother has always had earrings as a staple in her wardrobe.

I have recently found I love the empowerment you feel when you put on a pair of earrings, especially as I have been going to a lot of meetings organising this exhibition. I always feel an instant satisfaction that I am dressed up enough.

Where do you get your inspiration from as a creative person?
Anything can be inspiring if you choose to open your mind. I am finding so many things inspiring right now as if I am seeing everything in a new light. As you can see with the exhibition colour is really inspiring me right now.

What’s your vision for Homage’s future?
I have so many ideas! I really enjoy finding treasures and sharing them with others. I might need to book a trip to Italy for the next one!

Prints from the Homage exhibition that are available online.

Images supplied.

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