Kathryn Wilson shares her NZ Fashion Week mood board

Kathryn Wilson mood board NZFW 2019

Kathryn Wilson’s moodboard for her NZ Fashion Week 2019 show. Image supplied.

Ahead of her much anticipated New Zealand Fashion Week 2019 show, footwear designer Kathryn Wilson shared her moodboard with us exclusively. We can now show you what inspired the designer’s high energy show which we’ll have a full gallery and story about online soon. In the meantime, Kathryn shared why Carrie from Sex in the City inspired the show which featured both her current Spring/Summer 2019/20 collection and some of her Winter 2020 collection.

“The theming this year for our NZFW show is based around the character of forever-chic Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the city and her love of heels,” says Kathryn Wilson. “Every girl’s swoon movie moment is when Mr Big buys Carrie the new home with a ‘dream’ shoe closet… she is a Muse for the styling and music based on her love of shoes and heels, her big hair, big smile and glowing skin.”

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