Kate Sylvester S/S '09/'10 – review

Normally show cards are not worth typing out – but I am making a special exception for the one on our seats at the Kate Sylvester show.  It reads:

The infamous Idina Sackville hunted lions in Africa in Couture gowns
Christo wraps nature in synthentic pink
Lady Florence Baker discovered Lake Albert in Uganda in corsets and full Edwardian Dress
Kate Sylvester hiked the Routeburn track in her faux fur coat
Go on – take a hike.

Styled by Karen Inderbizten -Waller, this is the collection of the week (yes, it may only be day three, but I have made my decision).

Wholesome, elegant and perfectly themed, Kate sent out the most beautiful colour palette this week – pale khaki was a contant throughout and worked amazingly well with acidy prints, canary yellow, candy pink and dirty lime. Loved the acid, full length visible zips on the khaki linen dresses – a fresh touch that has Kate Sylvester written all over it. 


On the fabric side of things we saw soft linens, parachute silks and more sheer chiffon. There were bright silk backpacks with heavy strapping and floppy fishermen hats.  Stompy, bright red Doc boots (customized by Kate’s husband’s panelbeater I might add – bit of kiwi ingenuity for ya) accessoried this collection perfectly.

Part 'welcome to the jungle,' part 'tradional kiwi farm girl,' part 'Sex and the City,' this as a collection for everyone. Unprententious, wearable, and classic. A collection of great buys that warmed the cockles of my heart after a week of overtly sexualised fashion. Kate Sylvester has truly outdone herself this time.

– Kate McGahan

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