Kate Sylvester launches online marketplace for pre-loved garments

Kate Sylvester Reloved

Image from Kate Sylvester’s Petit Garcon collection from Winter 2002. Image supplied.

Kate Sylvester has launched a new initiative called Kate Sylvester Reloved this week as part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to extend the life of Kate Sylvester garments. Kate Sylvester Reloved is an online marketplace where customers can buy and sell pre-loved Kate Sylvester items so they have another life and don’t go to landfill. This new venture follows on from Kate Sylvester’s Repairs Initiative that was launched in 2017 and offers customers complimentary repairs on any Kate Sylvester garment from any season.

The designer creates her clothes to last a lifetime and wants the new Kate Sylvester Reloved to see more garments find new homes that may not have been worn in a while and aren’t as loved as they once were. Extending the use of the garment beyond its first life fits with Kate Sylvester’s brand values of sustainability and integrity of design.

The brand is hoping the new Kate Sylvester Reloved platform will become the first-place customers will look for pre-loved Kate Sylvester pieces. The aim is for it to become the place to go for beautiful vintage and archive Kate Sylvester pieces as well as those hard to find items or popular pieces that KS fans may have missed out on when they were released originally.

Kate is encouraging those uploading garments to the platform to share their stories of why they loved the garment and any great memories of them. “I look forward to hearing the stories of my customers preloved Kate Sylvester garments and I look forward to sharing some of mine,” says Kate Sylvester.

Kate Sylvester Reloved works the same way other online marketplaces do with Sellers responsible for uploading product and managing their listings with payment made through the site to ensure smooth and safe transactions.

As a wonderful incentive for customers, every $200 of past season Kate Sylvester sold on the Reloved platform, the seller will receive a $20 Kate Sylvester online voucher to spend at katesylvester.com.

Kate Sylvester Reloved

Images supplied.

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