Karen Walker’s Astral Jewellery


Rings from Karen Walker’s December jewellery release.

Karen Walker has just released several new jewellery pieces that serve as striking additions to her Arrow jewellery collection that launched earlier this year. A fascination with travel and adventure has been the centre of Karen Walker’s designs since the initial creation of Walker’s signature Runaway Girl many seasons ago.

This latest release includes a trio of rings in arrow settings that feature three of Walker’s favourite stones midnight blue lapis, golden tiger’s eye and cloudy turquoise. The stones depict the astronomical phenomena that are solar flares and auroras, with each Solar Flare, Aurora and Astro Ring available in yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver.

The astronomy theme continues with the The Fast Forward Studs, Kinetic Hoops and Metronome Necklace whose arrows¬†symbolise the ‘kinetic energy of our galaxy and the ever-present independence and drive of the Runaway Girl’ and are also available in yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver too.



Images supplied.

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